The Triangle Fire

Hello, folks. Hope you all have had a lovely Thanksgiving so far and are all out shopping, since it is Black Friday 2015.Saw a few good deals, but nothing caught my eye. So far the stores seem to be happy with their results.  Now lets get cozy with a warm cup of tea/coffee or hot chocolate (with marshmallows, of course) and a nice book.

Today we are going to talk about the book historical look at The Triangle Fire by David Von Drehle. This is an interesting book and actually is a significant event that made all factory regulations change.

The Triangle Fire is the account of a fire in a textile factory that was in New York City in 1911. Many women worked their for a living and many young teenage girls were working there to make a few dollars to get their families over a hump due to the Great Depression.

What we learn from this book is about several individuals and what their lives were like. We also learn that the building was not ready for a fire. Their were very few emergency exits (some doors couldn’t open either) and the fire escapes were in  great need of repair. The fire started on the ninth floor, which cause a major problem for the people on the tenth Floor. Most of the individuals below the ninth floor got out. However, many people died (146 individuals) and was one of the biggest fires in New York City history. This incident brought about the change for more fire escapes and emergency exits to be brought up to code.

There was no way for escape for many of these people.Many of the dead had to be identified, so they opened the morgue for a walk-thru. It was a gut wrenching day for everyone.

The book  I have has pictures and is very detailed. Their is so much to learn from the Triangle Factory Fire. At least all factories soon follow suit and correct issues due to this horrific incident which cost so many young women’s lives.

If you are looking to do a history report, I recommend picking up this book it will be definitely be worth your time and you’ll learn quite a bit from it. Here’s where you can find the book:

Barnes and Noble: $13.83

Amazon: $13.70 paperback; $9.99 kindle

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Second Chances by Allison Stanley

Hi, everyone another week another book entry. 🙂 Hope everyone is gearing up for the holiday season. The radio is already getting festive. However, this is about a book review so lets get started.

Recently, I saw this book for free on the Kindle store one day. I have a Kindle and its the coolest thing around. 🙂 I love it, plus you get free books every so often.  However, I still like the old fashioned reading books. Something about holding it in your hands is so rewarding. Anyway, I purchased this ebook called “Second Chances” by Allison Stanley. It said it was a Christian fiction. I wasn’t sure about it since it was free,  (free doesn’t mean a good read) but I’m always in the mood to just try it. Come to find out it was a really good book. So good I started reading two chapters a night before bed.

The book is some what interesting ins how it is written. There are two girls in the book; they are best friends who have gone to college in separate parts of New Zealand. Each chapter focuses on just one of the girls situation. It’s sort of strange it is like reading two different books. The one girl has just come out of a relationship and the other girl is getting ready to marry the man of her dreams.  The one girl feel discouraged with college life and what’s happened in her previous relationship and heads home to just think about things. Her mom tells her to go to the church and try to get involved in the youth department. She meets this nice guy who has a little kid and babysits him while his dad works. Her best friend is super excited for her and is dreaming that maybe this is the guy God’s given her and is planning her wedding set for the next year, but after a fight with her boyfriend she is also discouraged and heads home.

All ends well at the end, but there is a much needed sequel. 🙂 It was really a good book. =D And I got it free.

Get yours here. Happy Reading!!!

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Booker T. Washington’s “Up From Slavery”

Up From Slavery  is a significant piece of literature, especially for the African American community. It is the official autobiography by Booker T Washington. (For those who don’t know what an autobiography is, it is the actually biography from the person it is about.) I’ve read this piece of literature at least 2 times. I’ve been thinking about reading it again.

Up From Slavery starts the story out about what Booker T. Washington’s childhood was like and running to get free. He eventually makes it in to college with the little education he has. As he gets older and smarter, he soon acquires the college he’s attended and builds many of the buildings around it. Through many hardships, Booker T. Washington manages to build Tuskegee Institute. It isn’t easy though!!! Many things hinder his success, but he keeps his goal in the forefront. Today, Tuskegee Institute is called Tuskegee University.  It is a very prestigious  African American college.

I find this entire book intriguing and it is so rich in African American history. This is a definite must. This book is available through Christian Book or Abeka Book (that’s the edition I’ve read and Abeka offers free shipping) for 12.95. Amazon sells the Kindle edition for 99 cents and the paperback is under $4… Can’t beat that!!!  Lastly, I found that you could also read it online for free through It’s free because after so long the copyright runs out. But I think for a under a dollar Amazon is the best bet…

Additional fun fact: Did you George Washington Carver went to Tukegee?

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