Coming shortly… Magnolia Duchess by Beth White

Hi, I can’t wait to share with you my latest book review on the Magnolia Duchess by Beth White… This is a great historical christian fiction romance book. Two hearts are torns due to the fact they are both enemies on opposing sides… Plus best part, I got it free through the Tyndale Publishing Bloggers network. Awesome right… Stay tuned!!

Wait for tomorrows post on this awesome novel… 🙂


Hairstyled by Anne Thouieux

Hairstyled by Anne Thouieux

Okay! This book just came today from Blogging for Books, but I couldn’t help going through it in one sitting. This a paper back book called Hairstyled by Anne Thouieux-75 ways to bride, pin, and accessorize your hair (learn more about this book and author here)  and it really is all about hairstyles.

As a amHairstyledature cosmetologist, I thought the book was really awesome. It has all kinds of styles for short or long hair to curly or straight. There are simple dos and a little more difficult dos. Myself, I’ve never been good at braiding it just never goes well. lol However a few of the dos I’ve done on my own. Particularly I have done the flower bun on page 27 and the french twist on page 15.  I’ve also done the interesting bow like bun  on page 194.

What I like about this book? Well… I definitely feel this is an easy book for anyone wanting a simple hairstyle or something differe
nt. I also like the fact the pictures really show detail and get to the point quickly and the worded directions are easy and short. This book is awesome.  If I was a cosmetology instructor I’d make this a go-to for all my students. It’s always nice to have a reference book for hair dos and don’ts. I’m probably going to try some of the shoulder length hair dos myself this weekend, because its my birthday…

Where to get this book…

I recommend looking on Amazon as always for these books or Barnes and Noble… I’ll list the prices below.

Amazon : $16.99 paperback NEW; $8.19 USED; Kindle $11.99

BN: $16.98 Paperback NEW; $11.99 NOOK

If you know anyone that likes to “play” with hair, they’ll love this book.

As always, have to note I got this book for free through  the Blogging for Books program.

Thanks for stopping by and can’t wait to review another awesome book. 🙂

Kindle First Day

Hi, everyone… If you have Amazon Prime, don’t miss the Kindle First free books of the month… I chose the Sand Star… I’m hoping I’ll get to read it soon, but with my other April books coming soon, I’m not sure. It may be a while. 🙂

Sand Star appears to be  about a young Japanese girl who finds two soldiers from opposite sides in a cave during WWII. That sounds like a really interesting story. I’m very interested because my Grandmother was Japanese and lived in Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Japan when the Bomb dropped. My grandfather was also stationed their during the Korean War when he met my Grandma.  I’ve also been to Japan as well. 🙂 It’s a very humbling experience. My friend went to Japan a few weeks ago. His first trip ever on overseas and on a plane! However, he hasn’t talked to us or about the trip. Guess he didn’t like it?!  Anyway, I’m excited to read this book and what happens with these soldiers.