What a great book! This is one of my favorites, and I got it through Bethany house publishers. I’m actually sad I didn’t request the real book. This books was full of suspense, mystery, romance, everything that makes a great book.

This book is second in this particular series. It focuses on a young girl named Lillian Avery, who possesses a handicap. I will refrain from mentioning what it is due to the fact it is a significant part of the book. She has had bad relationships in her pass an is very closed about her feelings and vows to never get that close to a man again. Until that is, Archer Vandenburg, a very wealthy sailor who wants be nothing but to just be a navy sailor an hates his wealth, walks into her life.

Throughout the book they both struggle with their faith in God and how he should be their sole anchors in life. This book was great and there’s a third installment! I forgot to mention I enjoyed the fact that there were discussion questions in the back of the book that really helped tie the story together and helped apply the lessons learned in the book to your life.

Again wonderful book and too bad I didn’t get the paperback. 😦
You can find this book on Amazon and Barnes and noble.

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See you next time when I review the book fading starlight and we have also the quieting coming up soon as well… 🙂


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