The Quieting By Suzanne Fisher

27066851Today we are reviewing the book The Quieting by Suzanne Fisher, the second book in a series. I need to first off mention I got this ebook free through Revell Publishing.

This book was good, however, at first it was quite discouraging and wasn’t very easy for me to read. It was a book I had to force myself to read. However, as it continued it did get better and I became more excited as the situations came to some realizations and solutions. Continue reading for a broader synopsis of the novel.

David Stoltzfus is the bishop of Stoney Ridge, an Amish Community in Lancaster Pennsylvania. He has a lot of fires burning. As a widower, his children are some what unruly. His only son, Jesse, has a habit of gambling; Ruthie is the rebellious one; Molly over eats and is horrible at cooking; and worse of all of his eldest daughter, Katrina, is pregnant out of wedlock! If things couldn’t get worse, it does. Freeman Glick and his brother, Levi, have switched lots in the church.

David has so much on his hands his mother and two nieces, Abigail, who is a geneology researcher, and Laura, who is the more “sensible” one, come to his aid. His mother is more worried about match making, his Katrina and niece Abigail off, and meddling than anything else. On top of all this David believes he’s in love with Birdy Glick, Freeman’s Sister. His mother will not have that! Glicks are basically off limits. Trouble everywhere and things just won’t stop a quieting need to come before something worse happens. 

Read the book to find out more if David’s mother’s pursuits get her anywhere. Will he get the courage to tell her how he feels about her “help”? Will things get settled between the Glicks and Stoltzfus’s? You will just have to wait and see and get a copy for yourself.

Go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble to pick up your copy.

Amazon: Paperback $8.27; Kindle $7.86 Paperback $8.27; Nook $9.99


Fading Starlight by Kathryn Cushman

What a delightful story about gaining strength in God in tough situations! This book I had an opportunity to review through Baker Publishing Group.

It was about a girl named Lauren Summers, who is trying to become an up and coming fashion designer. Everything is going great for her until a wardrobe malfunction happens with a celebrity she was working with. She knows deep down it couldn’t be her fault, but the tabloids don’t care and they cream her reputation. So much so that she decides to go live in a secluded area for the summer and work for a local school play.

When she arrives she is told to stay clear of Miss Montgomery next door. Don’t get near her in any way. Lauren learns the hard way when a tabloid writer insists that she find things out about Miss Montgomery’s past, who is just angry over the fact Lauren is there, in exchange for proof that Lauren was not the culprit in the wardrobe malfunction.

You have to read more on why Miss Montgomery is so untrustworthy of people like Lauren. Will Lauren be sucked in with the devil? Will Lauren use the love of God to win over Miss Montgomery or will her desire for revealing the culprit of the wardrobe malfunction eat her alive and be her motive?

Interested in getting this book. Check out Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The current prices are below.

Paperback Amazon $11.47 Kindle Edition $9.99 Paperback $11.29 Nook Edition $10.49

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