Forgiveness…the root of this wonderful novel. Charlotte Ward, a former Shakespearean actress, seeks refuge from her abusive husband, Lord Roger Fosberry.

Charlotte plans her escape by accepting a call to return to the stage in London. Due  to health complications caused by extreme dieting, Charlotte ends up in the hospital. When her estranged daughter, Rosalind, shows up due to vicious reporters trying to get dirt on Charlotte, there is much animosity between the two.

Rosalind and Charlotte do not have a very good relationship at first. However, after they seek refuge in the quite town of Port Stilwell is when they come together and  forgiveness is given to each for their choices and hardships. They soon both learn that forgiveness is fully given when Gods Grace is applied in their lives. Their relationship grows stronger along with their new found friends as well.

However, danger arises after Rosalind returns to her job as an instructor. A note arrives that seems threatening to her mother from Lord Fosberry demanding a divorce. Rosalind seeks advice as soon as she returns home. In order to keep her mother from adventuring out to far from their new home, she decides to stay with her indefinitely until the situation is resolved. Shortly, after Rosalind arrives back home to Port Stilwell, a mystery “artist” appears and they fear their privacy has been compromised. I’ll stop here so you can go read the book yourself to see what else happens.

This book contains several other characters that influence both Charlotte and Rosalind’s life in many positive aspects, and others that they influence and help make their lives better. This is a wonderful novel and I highly recommend it.

I lastly need to mention I got this book through Bethany house publishers for an honest review. Below are a few places you can go pick up your copy of this uplifting tale of faith and forgiveness.

Amazon– $8.46 Paperback; $8.04 Kindle Edition

Barnes and Noble– $8.46 paperback;  $10.49 NookBook

Stay Tuned for the next upcoming reviews.


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