Where Hope Prevails by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan

If you have watched When Calls the Heart on the Hallmark channel, this book does not miss a beat. This picks up from where the last book, Where Trust Lies, left us. Since I didn’t read the last book nor have watched the series as often as I like, everything was a surprise to me.

It picks up with Elizabeth Thatcher coming home to Coal Valley after a summer break and adventure with her family and Constable Jack (Jarrick) Thornton. Jarrick has been reposted to Lethelbridge, South of Coal Valley, making their relationship a challenge as their wedding approaches in the Spring. However, as she”leans forward for her first glimpse of the little mountain town that has captured her heart, she discovers something has changed.” (back cover quote)  She notices so much has changed; more houses and miners, and the wretched tree stumps that she hates. Even Molly’s adopted daughter, Marnie, has changed so much in the past few months; older and very giggly at times. Is there a beau in her life? Plus, to make matters a little more challenging, the town hires a new second teacher, Mr. Robert Harris Hughes, who is as secular as they come, according Elizabeth, to teach the older students. Elizabeth is not very happy, plus she has to live by herself in the old crazy Grant family’s place above Abigail’s Tea House. This is just too much for Elizabeth to handle with out God’s guidance.

Elizabeth tries to cope with the living arrangements and other little issues through the help of Molly and Marnie, but her stubborn and feisty ways could lead her into trouble with the new teacher. She just can’t stand him and his curt disposition and flippancy about God’s existence. Plus she hates his teaching skills and he seems to disagree with hers. No one else seems to agree with her feelings and anxiety on the issue, not even Jarrick supports her in feeling so annoyed with Mr. Harris Hughes.  What can she do to show what’s really in her heart?

When Mr. Harris Hughes is on the brink of trouble with the town and being wrongly accused with inappropriate relations with a student, Elizabeth knows that the accusations are wrong, but the court date conflicts with other important plans? Will Elizabeth stand back and let the court decide what’s best for the man? Or will she stand up and defend him for who he really is, a lost but intelligent soul that wouldn’t hurt or do anything wrong toward any child of the town? Well… You’ll just have to grab a book to find out what happens and what else new is going on in Coal Valley.

Here’s where to get this wonderful book. If you have a local bookstore or library hurry over and get one. Always support the businesses in your home town. They support local economy and growth. Otherwise check these nice retailers below.

Amazon: Kindle $7.86 ; Paperback $8.27

Barnes and Noble: Nook $10.49 ; Paperback $8.27

As always, I’d like to thank Bethany House Publishers for giving me the opportunity to review this book for free and give an honest opinion. This has been a wonderful story to share with you all. See you next week for my review of Gratitude- Prayers and Praises coloring and devotional book. 🙂


Learning the Art of Manga Book

😀 I just love this book. I haven’t gotten all the way through it yet, but I’m really having fun sitting down and trying to draw and sketch the awesome Manga characters in the boDoodletopiaok. 🙂 This book is called Doodletopia Manga by Christopher Hart.

This book is broken down into several chapters and you teach yourself to sketch and draw Manga. After chapter 4 you get to draw your own characters. I like this book, but it’s not like a step by step book. It’s more sketch it first then try freehand. It gets tricky and I for some reason got burned out because there were very little instructions. However, this book is funny and has a lot of humor in it. The characters are fun to draw and I’m enjoying it very much. I’ll probably finish drawing all the characters before too long.

If you get this book, you’ll be on your way to making your own anime characters and Pokemon pretty easily. If you don’t know what Manga is, it is the art of Japanese cartoon drawing. This is probably more of a young adult teenager book. They’d appreciate the humor and the technique the book is giving. Anyone younger I don’t believe would enjoy this book.

Here’s are some links to where you can get this book. Remember to support your local businesses or bookstores instead of always going online. It helps the local economy and gives people jobs. Also check out your local library to see if they have it. I’m only mentioning the paper back version today, because its easier to sketch with.

Amazon: $13.27

Barnes and Noble: $13.39

Lastly, I thank Blogging for Books for the opportunity to receive this book for an honest review… 🙂 Remember to please follow my goal is 30 followers we are up to 11… Come on we are getting closer. 🙂 Thanks and have a great day!


Rosalind of Ipsworth and Sir Randel Penigree are both from different sides of the tracks. She’s a peasant and he’s a knight. They live in the 1200s embarking on a children’s crusade to the middle east lead by the young girl Sapphira who has been lead by God in dreams and visions that this is what He is leading them to do.

Rosalind and Randel has a many things in common and both carry very heart wrenching secrets that are eating their souls. They both are seeking forgiveness, and feel that they need to just serve God as a monk and a nun. They get closer in their friendship due to two other problem people on broad the ship. In order to distract Lady Jocelyn and Lord Rumsford from their pursuits, Rosalind and Randel decide to embark on a faux relationship. They decide to act out a romance in order to protect each other.

I also want to note that there is a mysterious character that talks for several pages periodically in the book. It’s hard to figure out who this person is that has such animosity towards Randel and the reason behind the feelings. This person also sees that Rosalind is a hinderance to their plan of revenge.

Will Randel and Rosalind be able to over come their hurts and learn to forgive themselves? Will they learn that God forgives them no matter what they have done sinfully? Will Randel and Rosalind soon see the relationship that is budding?

My opinion:

Well… I got this free through Bethany House Publishers for my honest review. This was a very good book once I got into it. At first it felt like a drag to read this book. However, once I got more involved in the grievances of the characters were under going I could relate.

The author was very good at portraying the pain of the Randel and Rosalind. In this generation, Randel would be suffer from Post-Tramatic Stress Sydrome. Rosalind was also dealing with a great amount of regret and gulit.

I recommend this book for younger adults and beyond, because there were some graphic scenes of battles and slashing blood.

Where to purchase:

Check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local bookstore for prices (please support small businesses and local businesses that are in your community). Also go to your local library and see if it is available in your area physical or digital.

Amazon: Kindle $8.81; Paperback $9.27

Barnes and Noble:Nook $10.99; Paperback $9.71

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