A study on shame and guilt

414688Oh this was a wonderful study! I Am Found by Laura Dingman helps anyone with a guilty conscience and dealing with shame in their life.

This was a six week intensive bible study. We focused on where shame and guilt started. Obviously, the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve eating that fruit and wanting to cover their nakedness with fig leaves. We later move in to studying the Prodigal Son and how to look at it 5 different ways.  Yes, five! and it didn’t get boring either.  You have to understand you cannot escape the guilt you have, but you can move forward and forgiveness is just the start. 🙂

What I liked about this book was that you had memory verses every week to memorize and they were great words of encouragement. At the end of each week you had to pick a way to apply what we learned and hold ourselves accountable for our progress throughout the study. That was a great idea!

So much to overcome when reading this study. It teaches you to let go. I’ve had many stressful situations that I feel bad about and this book helped me to release a little bit of the pain. It just takes time to release all of it, but God is there and you are in His Hands.

Such a wonderful study! Plus I want to mention I got it through Moody Publishers for my honest review. I was not disappointed.

Here’s where you can get this book. Try these great retailers. If you have the physical store, make sure you go to that and support businesses in your community.

Amazon: Kindle $7.99; Paperback $9.61

Christian book: Paperback $9.99

Barnes and Noble: Nook $8.49; Paperback $9.61


Everything is Possible by Jen Bricker

Today I posted twice. An original poem of mine. I was feeling sad today and felt like sharing it. You can see that here and feel free to leave comments. 🙂 Now, off to today’s book review of Everything is Possible by Jen Bricker.

What a wonderful book! I just finished it today. At a time in my life when I’m feeling discouraged about things and people around me, this was a great pick-me-up.

Jen Bricker is an extraordinary young woman. Being born with no legs, life was not going to be a easy for her. She also was adopted because her biological parents could not take care of a hajen-bricker-everything-is-possible-663x1024ndicapped child.

In this book, Jen narrows down her exciting life into many topics and links them to Bible verses. I love the keeping faith chapter. Jen never lets anything get her down and she admits her difficult moments and sassy ones too. She never considers herself handicapped. Jen shows she is human (maybe superhuman lol), but that she also loves everyone around her and is never afraid of anything. If its a challenge, she’ll do it. Nothing holds her back. Did I mention she’s an aerialist? That’s strength to do that kind of stuff. Best part?! She credits God for everything in her life even her struggles; that God has to have a reason even for that particular parking space.

As I read this book, I could see so many similarities between me and Jen. I’m sure others will too. You can relate to her easily. You like her. For me, I think its that spunky-ness we both possess and our crazy thoughts.  Sometimes we just want to punch someone for their rude ways. Laugh Out Loud!  🙂 Just kidding, but I’m sure you get the same feelings too about things.  We want to love others, even if they make it difficult.

This book was awesome and I’m actually proud to say this was one of the first copies off the press, because I got it through Baker Publishing’s Blogger Program. I loved the book obviously. But don’t take my word for it! Check it out for yourself below.

If you want to learn more about Jen, follow her on social media @JenBricker and @JenBricker1 on Twitter. Plus visit her website at www.jenbricker.com. Pretty easy to remember, right?

If you’d like to pick up a copy, please check out these fine retailers below or visit a local one near you. Please support local businesses! Also, see if your local library has a copy. 🙂

AMAZON: Hardcover $10.88; Kindle $9.36

Barnes and Noble: Hardcover $11.84; Nook $12.99

Until next week’s review of the devotional I AM FOUND by Laura Dingman, get a glass of hot tea and a nice book to snuggle up with. Fall is coming…

Happy Reading!

My first heart felt poem

I wrote this poem almost a year ago. It’s my first one. I think it is sort of like a free verse and rhyme poem. I just felt like sharing this with everyone today. I felt sad with people and life, plus it does pertain to reading and writing so this seemed like a great place to share it.

Who are you?  by Gabi F.

Who are you;
I don’t recognize u.
Who are you walking down these halls?
Who are you posting on these Facebook walls?
I just don’t recognize u!

It was love and innocence u had possessed;
That is what makes great success;
This is what can never be returned.
You spirit and soul is stressed and burned.

I don’t recognize u anymore.
It is what hurts the most.
You were loved for who u were and more!
Who u were is merely a ghost!

What happened,I’ll never know.
The person loved so dearly is gone.
It’s because innocence is as pure as the white-driven snow;
However, your motto is to look on.

I wonder why I do not fit.
Is it me; is it you? I don’t know.
However, I must acquit
And let it go.

What are we anymore?
We use to be friends.
Now what we have is bored
And broken.

Who are u, I don’t recognize you anymore.
What we had is no more.
Sadness creeps up on me.
But you’d just say let it be.

You say don’t worry;
You say everything is fine.
But you seem in a hurry,
And I have a tingle going up my spine.

My soul yearns for the joy we had.
Do u remember what it felt like?
My heart misses the times we had.
Now, tears well up and sadness strikes.

You use to believe in God.
Now it seems he’s nothing more than a dog.
Who are you; what’s this facade?
I feel like I’m in a dream; in a fog.

You are destined to be strong.
You know everyone and appear happy.
I’m the one that feels uncomfortable and crappy.
Am I the one in the wrong?

You say I’m over reacting;
But my stomach’s in a knot.
And my mind and thoughts are spinning, spinning.
Are my feelings wrong? I think not.

Who are u?
I don’t recognize u.
Where’s the person I looked up to
Who made me smile?
Where’s the person I could run to
Within a mile?

It’s the innocence that was possessed; it is gone.
Yet, I still have it.
I must drag on.

You say your busy.
Your happy hugs and smiles,
Are What I miss so dearly.
But I don’t feel like walking utmost miles.

Can you understand me?
I’m so sad and hurting inside.
Please stop saying let it be.
I’ve sat here and have cried and cried.

Who are you walking down these halls?
Your not the person pictured on my walls.
I do not recognize you anymore.
Nevertheless,I guess there is no more.

Gratitude- A prayer and praise coloring journal

What an uplifting set of praises and prayer this little book has!

I wa415796s surprised how positive my mindset became after receiving this book. I walked away reading this this 102 page book feeling relaxed and uplifted as well. Plus, the pictures are detailed enough that you feel relaxed just reading the scriptures. The coloring idea is new and I did like it, although I’m not a person that would be sitting reading my devotionals with my crayons in my desk or back pocket.  The drawings are pretty enough to frame once you finish coloring them in.

My opinion:

Although I enjoyed this book, it wasn’t like my all time favorite devotional to want to go back to again and again.Sometimes the drawing part did not appeal to me. I’m giving this book to my mom for her birthday, because I feel she may enjoy reading the prayers and praises and share them with other people in cards or notes.However, if someone wants to purchase a book that appeals to the coloring book types, this book is for them. Below are a few places you can purchase the book. As always, if you have a chose purchase the books locally in your area to stimulate your local economy.

CBD: $11.99

Amazon: $14.99

Barnes and Noble: $14.99

Walmart: $10.60

As always I need to mention that I got this free through Tyndale Publishers and I want to thank them for the opportunity to read and share this book.

Happy reading!! And next week I’ll be telling you about the 6 week Bible study I AM FOUND by Laura Dingman. Have a great week!