My first heart felt poem

I wrote this poem almost a year ago. It’s my first one. I think it is sort of like a free verse and rhyme poem. I just felt like sharing this with everyone today. I felt sad with people and life, plus it does pertain to reading and writing so this seemed like a great place to share it.

Who are you?  by Gabi F.

Who are you;
I don’t recognize u.
Who are you walking down these halls?
Who are you posting on these Facebook walls?
I just don’t recognize u!

It was love and innocence u had possessed;
That is what makes great success;
This is what can never be returned.
You spirit and soul is stressed and burned.

I don’t recognize u anymore.
It is what hurts the most.
You were loved for who u were and more!
Who u were is merely a ghost!

What happened,I’ll never know.
The person loved so dearly is gone.
It’s because innocence is as pure as the white-driven snow;
However, your motto is to look on.

I wonder why I do not fit.
Is it me; is it you? I don’t know.
However, I must acquit
And let it go.

What are we anymore?
We use to be friends.
Now what we have is bored
And broken.

Who are u, I don’t recognize you anymore.
What we had is no more.
Sadness creeps up on me.
But you’d just say let it be.

You say don’t worry;
You say everything is fine.
But you seem in a hurry,
And I have a tingle going up my spine.

My soul yearns for the joy we had.
Do u remember what it felt like?
My heart misses the times we had.
Now, tears well up and sadness strikes.

You use to believe in God.
Now it seems he’s nothing more than a dog.
Who are you; what’s this facade?
I feel like I’m in a dream; in a fog.

You are destined to be strong.
You know everyone and appear happy.
I’m the one that feels uncomfortable and crappy.
Am I the one in the wrong?

You say I’m over reacting;
But my stomach’s in a knot.
And my mind and thoughts are spinning, spinning.
Are my feelings wrong? I think not.

Who are u?
I don’t recognize u.
Where’s the person I looked up to
Who made me smile?
Where’s the person I could run to
Within a mile?

It’s the innocence that was possessed; it is gone.
Yet, I still have it.
I must drag on.

You say your busy.
Your happy hugs and smiles,
Are What I miss so dearly.
But I don’t feel like walking utmost miles.

Can you understand me?
I’m so sad and hurting inside.
Please stop saying let it be.
I’ve sat here and have cried and cried.

Who are you walking down these halls?
Your not the person pictured on my walls.
I do not recognize you anymore.
Nevertheless,I guess there is no more.


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