Everything is Possible by Jen Bricker

Today I posted twice. An original poem of mine. I was feeling sad today and felt like sharing it. You can see that here and feel free to leave comments. 🙂 Now, off to today’s book review of Everything is Possible by Jen Bricker.

What a wonderful book! I just finished it today. At a time in my life when I’m feeling discouraged about things and people around me, this was a great pick-me-up.

Jen Bricker is an extraordinary young woman. Being born with no legs, life was not going to be a easy for her. She also was adopted because her biological parents could not take care of a hajen-bricker-everything-is-possible-663x1024ndicapped child.

In this book, Jen narrows down her exciting life into many topics and links them to Bible verses. I love the keeping faith chapter. Jen never lets anything get her down and she admits her difficult moments and sassy ones too. She never considers herself handicapped. Jen shows she is human (maybe superhuman lol), but that she also loves everyone around her and is never afraid of anything. If its a challenge, she’ll do it. Nothing holds her back. Did I mention she’s an aerialist? That’s strength to do that kind of stuff. Best part?! She credits God for everything in her life even her struggles; that God has to have a reason even for that particular parking space.

As I read this book, I could see so many similarities between me and Jen. I’m sure others will too. You can relate to her easily. You like her. For me, I think its that spunky-ness we both possess and our crazy thoughts.  Sometimes we just want to punch someone for their rude ways. Laugh Out Loud!  🙂 Just kidding, but I’m sure you get the same feelings too about things.  We want to love others, even if they make it difficult.

This book was awesome and I’m actually proud to say this was one of the first copies off the press, because I got it through Baker Publishing’s Blogger Program. I loved the book obviously. But don’t take my word for it! Check it out for yourself below.

If you want to learn more about Jen, follow her on social media @JenBricker and @JenBricker1 on Twitter. Plus visit her website at www.jenbricker.com. Pretty easy to remember, right?

If you’d like to pick up a copy, please check out these fine retailers below or visit a local one near you. Please support local businesses! Also, see if your local library has a copy. 🙂

AMAZON: Hardcover $10.88; Kindle $9.36

Barnes and Noble: Hardcover $11.84; Nook $12.99

Until next week’s review of the devotional I AM FOUND by Laura Dingman, get a glass of hot tea and a nice book to snuggle up with. Fall is coming…

Happy Reading!

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