image001-1Hi, everyone… sorry for the delay. 😦 Anyway, I want to tell you about this new Mystery Novel I got to read through the good friends at Bethany House Publishers. This book, titled Murder on the Moor, is from the Drew Farthering Detective Series by Julianna Deering.

This was one my first mystery novels I’ve read in a long time. I use to read Nancy Drew, but this book was different. This book was very slow at first. It was hard to grasp on what was going on until I really got into the book. I don’t know if it was because it was set in 1940s England causing the issue for me or if it was the writing style, but I got through it.

What’s it about?

We meet Detective Drew Farthering on a rainy evening with his wife reading to him from Jane Eyre, when old friend Beaky Bloodworth shows up with a mystery murder of the church’s Vicar, who was found dead on the steps of the old church. We soon find out there are many suspects in the Moor and no one is left unscathed. We even suspect Beaky’s wife, Sabrina, due to her presumptuous ways. In the end, you will never guess who the murder ends up to be, but I’m not telling. 🙂 You’ll just have to pick a copy of it up for yourself at these fine retailers or at your local library.

Amazon: $9.40 paperback; $8.93 kindle

Family Christian: $15.99

ChristianBook: $9.49

BarnesandNoble: $9.40 paperback; $10.99 Nook

Walmart: $9.50 (free 2-day shipping with $35 order) Starting at $12.86

Did the book meet your expectations?

It was decent, but like I mentioned I got lost a few times and it was getting confusing. The chapters were very long at times and I felt like I was never getting though the book. 😦 If you like mysteries, it was pretty good; a lot of suspects and you can’t ever decide who you think the murderer is. The author keeps you guessing. I liked that and it was an easy read. It was just probably something I’m not exactly interested in reading. I’m more of a love story or exciting novel person. I love detective shows, but the books I’m not so sure.

Until next time, happy reading!!!




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