Pelican Point where hearts can mend and heal

Welcome back to Hope Harbor in today’s review of Pelican Point by Irene Hannon. This time we meet Marci Weber, the newspaper’s lead journalist. She’s lived in Hope Harbor long enough to feel safe from her past harms and to know the great neighbors, who watch out for each other. Until this army doctor, Ben Garrison comes to two to settle his grandfather’s estate. Ben is about to turn her quiet world upside down.


Ben Garrison is a former Army Doctor who has come to Hope Harbor to clean up his grandfather Skip’s estate and to sell the Pelican Point Lighthouse. Ben wants to forget the past of the military and get moving on to the new life he’s planned at a physician at a practice in Ohio. However, he meet Marci, who is a spunky, stubborn woman, who has caught his eye. She is determined to figure out a way to save the old landmark, much to his detriment. Marci wants to fight for the old lighthouse and Ben feels like it is an unwanted burden. Will Ben and Marci team together or will they sever ways?


In the novel, we also meet a lovely young couple, Rachel and Greg, who are Ben’s next door neighbors. Greg has been injured and the situation has strained their young marriage. With the help of Marci, Ben, and the Pelican Point Lighthouse, will Rachel and Greg mend their relationship or will it end in the trouble it is in now?


Will Ben and Marci put their past experiences behind them and learn from the situations or will their experiences eat them alive. Well… you will have to find a copy and read it for yourself. 🙂


I really enjoyed being back in Hope Harbor. Irene Hannon does a great job on the characters and makes the situations realistic. The only things that made me confused about the books was that there wasn’t much about faith in this edition of the series, and the situation near the end of the book made me feel upset. It was very overwhelming to me, because it was very close to situation I was going through at the time. Plus, there were some suggestive situations, but I didn’t think too much of it at the time. It just gave the book some drama and some realism.


You can find this book at the following locations or you can visit your local bookstore.


Walmart: $10.99 Paperback


Amazon: $8.63 Kindle; $10.99 paperback


Barnes and Noble: $9.99 Nook; $11.76 paperback


Christian Book: $9.99 paperback; $8.53 ebook


Lastly, I want to thank the publisher for giving me a complementary copy to review the this book. It was a very good read and one I will add to my collection. I look forward to reading the next book in the Series.


I can’t wait to share with you our next read come next week. I’ll see you next time for the next edition in the bookluvrblog. Happy Reading!!!

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