Booker T. Washington’s “Up From Slavery”

Up From Slavery  is a significant piece of literature, especially for the African American community. It is the official autobiography by Booker T Washington. (For those who don’t know what an autobiography is, it is the actually biography from the person it is about.) I’ve read this piece of literature at least 2 times. I’ve been thinking about reading it again.

Up From Slavery starts the story out about what Booker T. Washington’s childhood was like and running to get free. He eventually makes it in to college with the little education he has. As he gets older and smarter, he soon acquires the college he’s attended and builds many of the buildings around it. Through many hardships, Booker T. Washington manages to build Tuskegee Institute. It isn’t easy though!!! Many things hinder his success, but he keeps his goal in the forefront. Today, Tuskegee Institute is called Tuskegee University.  It is a very prestigious  African American college.

I find this entire book intriguing and it is so rich in African American history. This is a definite must. This book is available through Christian Book or Abeka Book (that’s the edition I’ve read and Abeka offers free shipping) for 12.95. Amazon sells the Kindle edition for 99 cents and the paperback is under $4… Can’t beat that!!!  Lastly, I found that you could also read it online for free through It’s free because after so long the copyright runs out. But I think for a under a dollar Amazon is the best bet…

Additional fun fact: Did you George Washington Carver went to Tukegee?

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