The final installment of the Amish Cooking Class!

The final installment of the Amish Cooking Class!

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It’s been a very snowy march for me. Oh my! About three to four feet of snow in some areas. It’s the Berkshires of Massachusetts, so what do I expect. Sunny and 70 degrees. Oh not in March!!! Third Snowiest March on records at this moment. 🙂 Let’s get started

Here we go again. We are off to see Heidi and Lyle Troyer’s and their next adventure of cooking classes in the Amish Cooking Class: The Celebration by Wanda E Brunstetter.

Since we last saw the Troyer’s, they have welcomed in two foster children, Randy and Marsha, who have lost their parents in a tragic car accident.  Both children are devastated with their lost, but feel safe at the Troyer’s. As long as the children, accept their new way of life and Heidi and Lyle, they may be adopted into their family. 🙂 Only time will tell how the children will adapt. In the mean time, Heidi feels that it would help the children if they had some interaction with some other kids in the area.  This leads Heidi to open her doors once again to a cooking class. However, this time it is for children.

When Heidi begins her next round of cooking classes, not only do the children attend, but also their parents. We have Debbie and Kevin, who are the tiniest children next to to Heidi’s and whose mom is Miranda; Kassidy, who is the official class brat and her mother is Denise. Then we have two single parents, Ellen and Darren. Darren is a widower and he and his son, Jeremy are struggling with the lost of their wife and mother. And Becky is Ellen’s daughter. 🙂 Later on, we will meet the Troyer’s new neighbor, Velma, and her two younger children Peggy Ann and Eddie.

Each parent is struggling with ‘grown up’ issues; death, marriage separations, other marital issues, and family issues, etc. Through Heidi’s cooking classes and the precious verses she leaves on the back of the recipe cards, these help and speak to each individual differently, but give them much needed guidance in their current lives.

Will each parent receive the answers they need? Will they come to God for the answers? Will Heidi be able to keep these children that she dearly loves as her own? Well…. you just will have to grab a copy for yourself. If I continue, I may spoil this final installment of the Amish Cooking Class Series. I really recommend looking for the book yourself at one of the below retailers.

Walmart: $14.38 Paperback

Amazon: $11.74 Paperback; $9.99 Ebook (also see if Prime Lending Library or Kindle Unlimited let’s you borrow this book as well)

Barnes and Noble: $11.74 Paperback; $9.99 Nook

Christian Book: $11.49 Paperback; $9.99 eBook

I don’t want to close without saying thank you to the publishers of Barbour Publishing and the Net Galley program for allowing me to review this awesome story. I’ve really enjoyed this book.

I hope to see you again soon, and happy reading!


Come back to Amish Country Ohio for some more nice recipes and new friends!

Come back to Amish Country Ohio for some more nice recipes and new friends!

The Blessing by Wanda E. Brunstetter is the second in the series of the Amish Cooking Class. Again we meet Heidi and Lyle Troyer and their next set of students for cooking class. If you haven’t read the first book, you should check out my last review. There maybe a few spoiler details below, but I left out the details on what happens for you to ponder.

Heidi is anxiously waiting for the arrival of Kendra Perkins’ baby, the young unwed pregnant girl from the last story. Kendra has promised the Troyer’s that they could adopt the baby and raise it Amish, but plans may have changed. What will Kendra decide? Will Heidi be able to accept the decision even with God’s help?

We soon meet the next round of students. They are definitely a different bunch and have many more issues to tend to. Let’s meet our six new students:

  1. Lisa Brooks is a caterer looking for some new food ideas to offer in her business. She also has other stressful situations that continue to arise in her life,  like her renters… Will she be able to resolve the issues that arise in her life?
  2. Todd Collins is a food critic and is secretly reviewing the cooking class. He is also  secretly dealing with the pain of a broken past relationship. Will Todd’s heart heal and will he ever admit what he is really doing at this cooking class?
  3. Bill Mason is a janitor at a nearby school and he’d like to be able to make something other than the “usual” for the camping buddies. Will Bill show his buddies he has more to share in his cooking skills?
  4. Allie Garrett is a police officer’s wife, who has been given this course as a gift to treat herself to do something fun. However, her life is very chaotic. With her children going here and there and her husband constantly working late and acting defensive when he asks questions, she starts to worry that possibly he is having an affair with another woman.   Will Allie be able to be proven wrong on her assumptions or will they turn out to be true?
  5. Then there’s Nicole Smith. A teenager with a lot of responsibility on her hands. Her mother and father divorced and the situation is still very messy, due to the fact her mother is an alcoholic. Will Nicole be able to get comfort out of the cooking class?
  6. Lastly, there’s Lance Freemont. He’s the happy mailman, however his brother comes to town unexpected and turns his world upside down. How will Lance handle his brother?

As you can see these people are quiet the eclectic group. They all have some serious matters to attend to. Heidi even has her own issues, as she still longs for a child of her own. Her and Lyle have been married for 9 years and have never been able to have a boppli (Pennsylvania Dutch for baby) of their own. Will the void in her heart ever be filled? Will Kendra give her baby to them for adoption?

All these questions and more will be answered in this installment of the Amish Cooking Class Series Book 2- The Blessing.

Here are some places to find the book:

Walmart: $11.48 paperback

Amazon: $11.87 Paperback; $9.99 Kindle

Christian Book: You can get both books (1& 2) here for $19.49

Barnes and Noble: $11.86 paperback; $10.99 Nook. Also you can get the Extended Preview for free on Nook here.

I’d like to thank the publisher, Barbour Books Publishing for giving me the opportunity to review the second installment of this book for my honest review. I’ve really enjoyed the series so far. I can’t wait for the next installment coming in February 2018. Hopefully, I’ll get the opportunity to read this book as well.

As always happy reading!!! See you again soon with another book. I still promise to post the children’s book I read while back… Procrastination set in. Sorry everyone.. See you soon.


Amish Cooking Class Book 1 The Seekers

167440_1_ftcWhat a different kind of book from Wanda E. Brunstetter! 🙂 This is the first book in the series and I can’t wait to read more of what happens next.  The story is about a childless Amish Family, Heidi and Lyle Troyer. Heidi is somewhat sad with her life, because she can’t have a boppli (Pennslyvania Dutch for baby) and feels she needs to have some interaction and a reason for being. So Heidi starts and cooking class after hearing how well her aunt did with a quilting class.

To her surprise she ends up with 5 students all with different issues and situations. Each hold their own secrets, especially Ron,who is a Vietnam War Veteran and has a bad outlook on life. To top that off Ron has a bad case of PTSD.  Then there’s Charlene. She  feels like a failure with her mother-in-law-to-be and doesn’t know the first on how to cook. All she wants to do is make her future in-law happy and build a good relationship with them.  Next is Lorretta, who is a widow, and she is looking into understanding the Amish way of life. Eli, a friend of the Troyer’s, and is a widower himself. Did I mention he can’t cook at all? 🙂 The saddest part for Eli is that he painfully misses his wife and doesn’t know if there will be anyone else out there to fill his empty hole.  Lastly, there’s Kendra. Kendra is a young unwed pregnant girl, who has been kicked out of her house and not allowed to see her family. She has struggled to find a job and lives with her friend Dorie temporarily until she can figure out a way to support herself and her baby. With a such a selection of individuals Heidi learns to give advice from scripture and guidance from God. Best part? friendships are made between everyone with every cooking class and everyone becomes very close.

I love the ending, and I really can’t wait for more on Heidi’s Cooking class. It ends happily and there’s some cliff hangers. So I’m excited about that.  I loved the fact that each recipe was located in the back of the book. My favorite recipe, which I’ve actually had before with some friends, is Amish Haystack. It is very yummie! 🙂 A must try and is very easy. The other part I liked in the back of the book is the discussion area questions. Book two comes out in August 2017. Yippee!!! Lastly, I can’t forget to mention that I received this book as a complimentary copy  from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

Here are a few places you can get this book:

First check out your local and digital libraries to see if they have a copy available otherwise check out these find retailers.

Amazon: $11.26

Christian Book:$11.49

Family Christian: $15.99

Barnes and Noble: $11.03

See you later for my next book!!! It’s going to be a Christian mystery novel.. OH BOY!!! It’s my first mystery book.. 🙂


Forever Amish by Kate Lloyd

Forever Amish by Kate Lloyd

51ee3bdrn3l-_sx332_bo1204203200_Like I have said, this book has been on my shelf for a good 2 years actually. This was a different type of Amish novel. It starts out with Sally Bingham answering an email from a Amish girl, Lizzie, about wanting a dog. Instead this request is about to open a can of worms of many unanswered questions in Sally’s life.

Sally has lived in Connecticut all her life with her sickly father, Honest Ed and his car lot. Her mother left her and her father when she was an infant and never returned.Has no relatives or relations. Now, as a newly engaged woman, she has a lot of under answered questions and is doubting her relationship is true. She and her Donald had a fight and he had yet to apologize. However, as she gets in her Mustang and heads to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, life is going to get very interesting.

From the moment she arrives, her situation becomes topsy turvy. Sally doesn’t expect to find anyone and believes it’s probably a farce. However, she accidentally runs into Lizzie for real and ends up heading to stay at her family’s house because the inn she was booked in had a leaky roof. Sally almost runs over the community Bishop on her way to Lizzie’s family’s house.

Once at the house she meets Lizzie’s mother Rhoda and her father Reuben and a handsome man, Armin, who lives in the guest house. Reuben appears to be a disgruntled person, but Rhoda is a motherly person. And Armin, he’s an awful nice guy and keeps watch over Sally.

After being there a bit Sally’s father calls her cell phone. He asks where she is and he tells her to leave and come home and abruptly hangs up. Sally soon learns the reason for the hang up and her father shows up at the family’s residence. Shortly, Sally also receives a call from Donald who is apparently with another woman. Will Sally be able to handle the secrets that are about to end fold?  Will Sally have courage to handle the situation with Donald? Is there something between Sally and Armin or is it nothing? And why does Lizzie act so fidgety?

I’m going to stop here because there is a lot more to learn about Sally and the people she just met, but I’m going to let you go find the book for yourself and enjoy the interesting situation. If you wanna check out the author  and learn more about her books, here’s her site. 🙂

You can find the book at your local library or you can go to your local book shop. Here are a few online retailers that you can find the book at.

Amazon: $3.89 paperback

Family Christian: $14.99 paperback

ChristianBook: $9.69 ebook

Barnes and Noble: $10.49 Nookbook

See ya next week, with my other latest novel I’m really enjoying. 🙂 You are going to have to wait, but make sure you have an appetite. 🙂

New Year, New Books!

I’m so happy… Last year we got at least 15 followers on the site. Let’s make it 15 more this year. I’m thrilled to share with  you all the awesome books I get from my favorite publishers. I’ll be posting again soon. I’m taking a slight break so  I can get a business going, but I’ll still be posting as soon as I start getting those books rolling out.

My first book for 2017 will be Forever Amish by Kate Lloyd. I’m excited about it because I got the book a long time ago and never read it. So that will be great to share. Doing these reviews helps stimulate my mind and gives me the motivation to read more. I love sharing books with you all.

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The Angel of Forest Hill by Cindy Woodsmall

The Angel of Forest Hill: An Amish Christmas RomanceHowdy folks! And Merry Christmas!! It’s been brutally cold here in the North East, but no worries because it just makes it feel a little more like Christmas is coming.  For the next couple of weeks I want to tell you about 3 different Christmas/Holiday stories and I’m really happy to share them all with you.

Today’s book is the Angel of Forest Hill by Cindy Woodsmall. If you recall, I did a book review last year on another new book by Cindy Woodsmall. You can revisit that book here. This book was a just as equally good.

First of all, Ms. Woodsmall writes so much differently about the Amish then most other writers. She makes them as modern people. Yes, they still live Amish and plain, but they use phones and Internet for business workings. I find that interesting. It makes the more “human.”

This book was about a girl named Rose. She was the only girl in her family of boys and her mother took advantage of her. Rose was basically being abused at home and consider worthless to her mother. So when the preacher comes by  with the proposition that a family may be in need of a nanny for a while her mother pushes her as fast a possible out the door.

When Rose arrives, a bold  woman Englicher, Elise, comes to aid her and drives her to Joel’s house where his wife is delivering their third child. Soon Rose learns that the children’s mother has died in child birth. Joel has no idea what to do, but the bishop tells Joel the best thing is to marry poor Rose so the children have a mother. Rose agrees that this is the best thing for the children, especially the infant daughter who will be greatly in need of a mother.

Fast forward 4 years, things are not much different for Rose or Joel. They don’t even sleep in the same room. They have discussions at night and do care about each other but their “marriage” is rocky. One day when Joel is upset with things around Christmas time, his mother-in-law of his deceased wife’s (who is also the town gossip), just makes him more upset. Joel accidentally spills that he and Rose have never consummated their marriage and that is why they haven’t had children of their own.

Weeks go by and Joel realizes there could be something between him and Rose and he starts building a bedroom just for them. At first, Rose is upset feeling that Joel is trying to court someone else, but soon  Rose becomes more anxious as she  learns of his real intentions and is falling in love with Joel. However, they have not communicated their true feelings to each other. Nevertheless, the Bishop and another elder stop by to discuss things with Joel. His mother-in-law reached them and told them of the situation. They give Joel the option of an annulment.

Will Joel take this proposition? Or is he really in love with Rose? Does Rose love him?

Well… You’re just going to have to grab a copy for yourself, aren’t you? Here are some online retailers to get the book. You can also try your local library and local bookstores to support economic growth in your community.

Amazon: Hardcover $10.85; Kindle $9.99

Christianbook: Hardcover $7.99 on Clearance Special; Ebook $9.99

BarnesandNoble: Hardcover $10.95; Nook $9.99

Let me not forget to mention I was able to receive this book for my honest to goodness opinion through the Blogging for Books Program. I just adore that program and the variety of books that are on there.

Again have a Happy Holiday this weekend! Next week stay tuned for my next holiday themed book.🎄