The Angel of Forest Hill by Cindy Woodsmall

The Angel of Forest Hill: An Amish Christmas RomanceHowdy folks! And Merry Christmas!! It’s been brutally cold here in the North East, but no worries because it just makes it feel a little more like Christmas is coming.  For the next couple of weeks I want to tell you about 3 different Christmas/Holiday stories and I’m really happy to share them all with you.

Today’s book is the Angel of Forest Hill by Cindy Woodsmall. If you recall, I did a book review last year on another new book by Cindy Woodsmall. You can revisit that book here. This book was a just as equally good.

First of all, Ms. Woodsmall writes so much differently about the Amish then most other writers. She makes them as modern people. Yes, they still live Amish and plain, but they use phones and Internet for business workings. I find that interesting. It makes the more “human.”

This book was about a girl named Rose. She was the only girl in her family of boys and her mother took advantage of her. Rose was basically being abused at home and consider worthless to her mother. So when the preacher comes by  with the proposition that a family may be in need of a nanny for a while her mother pushes her as fast a possible out the door.

When Rose arrives, a bold  woman Englicher, Elise, comes to aid her and drives her to Joel’s house where his wife is delivering their third child. Soon Rose learns that the children’s mother has died in child birth. Joel has no idea what to do, but the bishop tells Joel the best thing is to marry poor Rose so the children have a mother. Rose agrees that this is the best thing for the children, especially the infant daughter who will be greatly in need of a mother.

Fast forward 4 years, things are not much different for Rose or Joel. They don’t even sleep in the same room. They have discussions at night and do care about each other but their “marriage” is rocky. One day when Joel is upset with things around Christmas time, his mother-in-law of his deceased wife’s (who is also the town gossip), just makes him more upset. Joel accidentally spills that he and Rose have never consummated their marriage and that is why they haven’t had children of their own.

Weeks go by and Joel realizes there could be something between him and Rose and he starts building a bedroom just for them. At first, Rose is upset feeling that Joel is trying to court someone else, but soon  Rose becomes more anxious as she  learns of his real intentions and is falling in love with Joel. However, they have not communicated their true feelings to each other. Nevertheless, the Bishop and another elder stop by to discuss things with Joel. His mother-in-law reached them and told them of the situation. They give Joel the option of an annulment.

Will Joel take this proposition? Or is he really in love with Rose? Does Rose love him?

Well… You’re just going to have to grab a copy for yourself, aren’t you? Here are some online retailers to get the book. You can also try your local library and local bookstores to support economic growth in your community.

Amazon: Hardcover $10.85; Kindle $9.99

Christianbook: Hardcover $7.99 on Clearance Special; Ebook $9.99

BarnesandNoble: Hardcover $10.95; Nook $9.99

Let me not forget to mention I was able to receive this book for my honest to goodness opinion through the Blogging for Books Program. I just adore that program and the variety of books that are on there.

Again have a Happy Holiday this weekend! Next week stay tuned for my next holiday themed book.🎄


Books and short stories for the Holiday Season

Hi, folks… We got a great selection of short stories just for the Holiday Season. We’ll also cover two great books I’ve read this month. 🙂 I’m so happy to have been sharing with you all these great stories this year. I hope that we’ll be able to continue and grow our social network next year. 15 more followers would be a great acheivement for 2017. Let’s make that happen!

So next week, watch for upcoming holiday reviews and my latest book Shadow in the Storm. This book gives me mixed feelings on whether I like it or not. I’m about half-way so we’ll be doing a review on that shortly.

Another Christmas Story in January

Another Christmas Story in January

Howdy, folks. Hope all faired the blizzard down in the mid-Alantic. We New Englanders are eager for snow up here. We are hurting bad and want that fluffy, white stuff!!!

Anyway, I’m so happy to share this book with you that I’ve been reading since Christmas Eve. It actually arrived that day. 🙂 This book is called Amish Chirstmas at North Star by Cindy Woodsmall and 4 other authors (Katie Ganshert, Amanda Flower, Mindy Sterns Clark, and Emily Clark). I received this book through a program called Blogging for Books. I’ll tell you more about the program after I tell you about the story.

This book is a collection of really four books. (Part 1: Guiding Star) The setting is North Star, PA in November 2015. A young man by the name Chase Wellington finds an old article about 4 babies (3 girls and one boy) that were born on the same day of a major blizzard at the same Amish Birthing Center by the same Midwife Rebekah 25 years ago in December. These babies were very special, and Chase wanted to create a followup article about the babies.

When Chase meets with Rebekah, she knows most of all the occupations of the babies and where they are living and what they are doing except for one. Chase is on his mission to find her. He does some how through plenty of research find her, and he also finds something that he didn’t know he was missing. Love! But you’ll have to read the rest to learn more about that baby.

Next, we move on to the second baby in the Part 2 :Mourning Star. This story is sort of an Amish Mystery, which was very different to me. This baby is Eden. She is a sweet girl who runs a candy shop. She has a Englischer friend named Gina. Eden had recently lost a dear old friend named Issac in a stable accident. Gina feels it is important to look more deeply into the case because her father was the veterarian who treated the horse who killed Issac. There are several suspects, but you’ll have to read to find out who dun it. Is it the nephew or Eden’s old beau or is it someone else?

Now let’s move on to Part 3: In the Stars. This story focuses around Kore Detweiler and his love for the third baby, Savilla Beiler. Kore left the Amish faith after Savilla refused to marry him. His parents are acceptive of his decision of being Englisch and they understand. There were also rumors that said Savilla cheated on Kore. Kore has become a successful business man working with wood and antiques. To Kore’s shock his Mammi D is hurt severely, and has to come home and face Savilla. Due to events beyond Kore’s control, Savilla and him soon have to take care of 3 children that Mammi D promised to be the guardian of while their parents were in Africa adopting their new brother. Kore’s love is strong for Savilla as it is for her, as they work together to help make the best Christmas ever for these little children. Will Savilla admit why she refused Kore’s proposal? Will Kore be able to except what Savilla has to say to him? Or will he turn from her and never look back? You’ll have to find out.

Lastly, let me mention the last and final part; Part 4: Star of Grace. This is the story about the fourth baby, Andy Danner, his former love Nellie Umble, and his brother Sam. Andy has left North Star to work down in Mississippi in another Amish community, after he has felt betrayed by his love Nellie. Sam, his younger brother, misses him like crazy and challenges him to a deal that if he can make $318, he’ll get his brother home for Christmas. Andy feels his brother will never be able to make much money in so little time that he agrees to the deal despite his feelings. Sam soon finds a job with a grumpy man named Vincent Cook. Soon Sam begans to understand a lot more and grows up a little as he begins a relationship with Vincent Cook. Will Sam make the money to get his brother home for Christmas? Will Andy ever forgive Nellie?

I’d tell you about the Epilogue, but I think I should let you read the book for yourself to find out more on what happens with these four special people.

You can get the book at Amazon for $7.99 or ebook $9.99. (not sure why the ebook is more money?)

Learn more about the author.

Blogging for Books

This is a great program I found through one of the Christian book review resources. This place is awesome for book lovers and book bloggers alike. There are so many kinds of books here to read and learn a lot from. I’m happy to be apart of the Blogging for books community and for having the opportunity to share these books with you all.

Please follow me. My goal is 30 followers for this blog in 2016! Let’s make it happen.

Thanks for stopping by… I hope to see you come back soon for more great reads.

❤ ❤ Keep warm everyone and find that great book to snuggle with.



Debbie Macomber Dashing through the Snow

Sorry for the delay folks!!! I got busy trying to save my mall. Sort of business work. Lol but here it is my review of Debbie Macomber’s Dashing through the Snow…I’ve watched the movie and read the book.

The book was so good I couldn’t keep my hands off of it. It was about a girl named Ashley Davidson who was trying to fly home for Christmas to see her mom. Her dad had been passed away for a year or so and it was the first Christmas they were apart. She so badly wanted an airline ticket but the ticket agent kept telling her to wait and step aside. The guy behind her was getting very annoyed and the ticket agent acted discriminatory and said he could fly stand by. This was the last straw for Ashley and she headed to the rental car agencies.

When she got the rental car agency, they told her she was too young. Suddenly the annoying guy that got a stand by ticket was behind her and said he’d take the car. Long story short, they soon were sharing the car and he introduced himself as Dashiell Sutherland.

Throughout the journey they learned to like each other company. There were several Laugh-out-Loud moments. They soon picked up a puppy from a Veteran (not a retired Veterinarian as some younger children think they are). The story becomes more entertaining and the dog even embarrasses Ashley while singing karaoke. Also that night things change  a lot between Dash and Ashley.

Soon they were to arrive at Ashley’s home, but not with out some problems from the police and FBI. The funniest part is that the FBI thinks Ashley is a terrorist and that Dash is in danger, but you’ll have to read the book to see the full gist or the comical situations the FBI gets them selves into.

However, the book in my opinion was a heck of a lot better than the movie. Can you believe that? The movie is almost a complete different story. This is spolier alert, but Dash in the movie appears to be in on the capture of Ashley Harrison (yup, different name and not sure why). And they put a bug on his cell phone! This ruins the entire story and makes the movie so disappointing compared to the book. There are several other elements too. Like instead of getting the dog from the Veteran she gets it from a motorcycle dude.

The book was so funny and entertaining and when I watched the movie after the book, I was like “the book was definitely better. What was wrong with the movie?”The Suspense wasn’t their; the chemical tension between the characters wasn’t as strong. I’ve seen better book movies.

So in my opinion get the book. Go to BJs and get it for $10 or as a kindle edition and have Amazon Echo read it to you. 🙂

Here’s the prices on Amazon for physical and kindle edition, and what it costs at Barnes and Noble:

Barnes and Noble: $9

Amazon: physical: $9; kindle edition: $9.99

As always happy reading, and stay tuned for more awesome books to snuggle up with.




More holiday stories coming up

Hello, everyone. I’ve gotten two great books I’m actually reading right now. The first one I got for Christmas. It’s called Dashing through the Snow by Debbie Macomber. It was also a movie this past Christmas season. I haven’t seen the movie, but I’m excited to compare the both together. The book almost makes me laugh out loud.

The next book in reviewing is from blogging for books. I got it for free. It’s called Amish Christmas at North Star: four stories of love and family. It’s primarily written by Katie Ganshert, but there are 4 other authors as well, because the book contains for separate books. So far a very exciting book. It’s sort of like a mystery; trying to solve a puzzle. Stay tuned for more on that.

I’m very excited to share these books with you because I’m really enjoying them. The reviews will be out sometime in the next few weeks. I know it won’t be the holidays anymore, but you’ll be able to think about gifts for next holiday season.

I’ll be doing another review come next week on Paper Creations’ wildlife origami.

I wish you all a Happy New Year! Have a safe night!

Happy 2016 everyone! Stay tuned for more awesome book reviews in  the coming months. 🙂

Hearts to all…

Christmas in Good Hope Novel 1

Hi, folks! Just finished a lovely novel, first in the series, called Christmas in Good Hope. The story takes place in the town of Good Hope, either in Washington state or Oregon.  It is Christmas time and the motto is Neighbors helping neighbors.

Amaryllis Bloom, Ami for short, has been having coffee every morning for months with her new friend Beckett Cross. He’s new in town and runs the Cafe Muddy Boots. Ami own a Bakery right down the street from them. Every morning they meet at the cafe to talk and drink coffee and eat her wonderful cookies. However, this Christmas it seems there’s more to their friendship.

Beckett has moved into the Victorian Home that is suppose to be on the Twelve Nights tour. The Cherry’s, which is the club Ami is apart of due to her mother’s memory and final wishes, urge Ami to talk to Beckett to get him to open his house. Little does Ami know that the entire idea is hard for Beckett. He had lost his wife several months ago and he is bitter.

They both suddenly grow closer as time nears the holidays. Ami  bring joy to Beckett and heals his broken heart, yet he still holds a few secrets on what happened. As well Ami holds a secret of her own. She’ll never drive anywhere and always catches a ride with someone. Beckett finds this peculiar, but he sees the beauty in her heart. They soon began falling for each other, and make love one night after a holiday party. Soon they are with each other almost every waking moment. Ami helps Beckett in the Muddy Boots and makes meals to make money for the furnace she so needs.

However, Ami fears that the secret she holds will hinder her relationship that she has learned to enjoy and love. She learns that she loves Beckett and that he loves her. Are their secrets going to hinder their relationship? You’ll just have to find out for yourself. 🙂 I can’t say anymore, but it has a good ending.

Part 2 is coming out in June 2016. That’s going to be nice. I can’t wait.

Where can you get this book? Amazon of course. It is available for $5.99 digital or $9.50 paperback. Click the link above if you are interest. If you have prime you maybe able to borrow the book for free. 🙂

Happy Holidays!!! And Happy Reading!