New Publication from Jordan Christy

New Publication from Jordan Christy

Today, I’ve been reading my next book. (I’m reading three at a time at the moment. That’s a hard feat if I may say so!) This book is How to Be a Hepburn in a Kardashian World by Jordan Christy. The book was released this past Monday, April 4, 2017.

This is more of an etiquette book than anything, but it could be classified as a Self-help book. So far I have enjoyed it, although I can’t say it is my favorite. I’ll break down what are feel are pros and cons.

First the pros: This book gives you a good perspective on how to handle relationships, personal or business. It gives you ideas how to manage your character and be a more presentable person and discover who the real you is. I also like the fact the book gives you tips on how to handle social media etiquette and work issues.

Second the cons: I don’t agree that everything in life goes the way Jordan says. She talks about being a hard worker and going above and beyond. I’ve been a hard worker and have done exactly what she has said. From my experience, I was looked at more of goody-two-shoes than being looked up at for all my hard work.  I also noticed that although, this book was published with a Christian Publisher, she doesn’t mention how her faith is probably how she copes with issues and can get through the situations and examples she talks about. She even mentions things like the F-bomb and stuff like that. Real life things, but not something I think about everyday or a person of faith should be doing. Myself, I never ever say a curse word. (Truth!) This particular point is sort of sitting in the middle of the pros and cons list.

Now, I feel I can recommend this book to most girls (and young women 25+), because it leans in the middle of the road and is speaking to both faith and, possibly more, to secular individuals. Don’t get me wrong, it is good thing, but it is confusing to say this book is leaning more as secular advice book than faith driven advice book.

Did I enjoy this book? Oh yes! It has been quiet interesting. I have yet to finish the last few chapters which are going to be very interesting to me. But like I said I didn’t agree on everything the book spoke about or how to handle situations, but its just my opinion.

Before I sign off, I want to thank the great publishers over at Center Street (Hachette Publishers ) for giving my opportunity to read this book for an honest review (whether positive or negative)

I hope you enjoyed my review of this book. Please stop by again soon for another great read review.

Please take a look at the other books I’ve reviewed. Stay tuned for the next review coming soon!




Joyce Meyer’s latest publication

Oh! I’m so excited to tell you about the latest book that comes out later this week, actualJoyce.JPGly tomorrow, April 4.  Joyce Meyer’s 20 Ways to Make Everyday Better is a very inspirational book.

For those who do not know who Joyce Meyer is, she is a televangelist and tells you how it is in a Biblical perspective. She has been through a lot in her life. She was sexually abused as a child and has dealt with issues many of us face each day. Joyce really makes you think and she really knows how things are in your life. It is like she knows who you are and what you are going through everyday.

In this book, 20 Ways to Make Everyday Better,  Joyce has divided it into sections to get you rethinking in a better and more positive perspective.  The four sections focus on several topics to get you moving in the right direction for changing your negative perspectives to positive ones. The four topics (which have several sub-chapters) are as follows:

  • Section 1: When you Awake
  • Section 2:New Steps to Take
  • Section 3: Patterns to Break
  • Section 4: Before It’s too Late

I’m about half way into the book as I write this review. Joyce Meyer’s books are always and easy read and are big print. I have so far enjoyed the book and my perspective on things in life feel brighter and better. Amazing!!! I also have just discovered that there is a Study Guide book to compliment the publication. This will give the reader a deeper meaning to the book.

For those who order the book before April 31st, they’ll receive a free downloadable sampler from Joyce Meyer that includes LIVING BEYOND YOUR FEELINGS, BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND, OVERLOAD, and LET GOD FIGHT YOUR BATTLES. To get your free downloads go here: You simply have to fill in your name, email, and upload a copy of your receipt.
Lastly, I want to thank, Joyce Meyer and the FaithWords-Hachette Publishers in allowing me to share this great and awesome book. I’ve enjoyed it immensely and will continue the journey as I read the rest of the book.
Until next time, Happy Reading!

Books and short stories for the Holiday Season

Hi, folks… We got a great selection of short stories just for the Holiday Season. We’ll also cover two great books I’ve read this month. 🙂 I’m so happy to have been sharing with you all these great stories this year. I hope that we’ll be able to continue and grow our social network next year. 15 more followers would be a great acheivement for 2017. Let’s make that happen!

So next week, watch for upcoming holiday reviews and my latest book Shadow in the Storm. This book gives me mixed feelings on whether I like it or not. I’m about half-way so we’ll be doing a review on that shortly.

Learning the Art of Manga Book

😀 I just love this book. I haven’t gotten all the way through it yet, but I’m really having fun sitting down and trying to draw and sketch the awesome Manga characters in the boDoodletopiaok. 🙂 This book is called Doodletopia Manga by Christopher Hart.

This book is broken down into several chapters and you teach yourself to sketch and draw Manga. After chapter 4 you get to draw your own characters. I like this book, but it’s not like a step by step book. It’s more sketch it first then try freehand. It gets tricky and I for some reason got burned out because there were very little instructions. However, this book is funny and has a lot of humor in it. The characters are fun to draw and I’m enjoying it very much. I’ll probably finish drawing all the characters before too long.

If you get this book, you’ll be on your way to making your own anime characters and Pokemon pretty easily. If you don’t know what Manga is, it is the art of Japanese cartoon drawing. This is probably more of a young adult teenager book. They’d appreciate the humor and the technique the book is giving. Anyone younger I don’t believe would enjoy this book.

Here’s are some links to where you can get this book. Remember to support your local businesses or bookstores instead of always going online. It helps the local economy and gives people jobs. Also check out your local library to see if they have it. I’m only mentioning the paper back version today, because its easier to sketch with.

Amazon: $13.27

Barnes and Noble: $13.39

Lastly, I thank Blogging for Books for the opportunity to receive this book for an honest review… 🙂 Remember to please follow my goal is 30 followers we are up to 11… Come on we are getting closer. 🙂 Thanks and have a great day!


I Don’t Get You by Sherry Graf

What an enlightening booklet! I couldn’t have found a more helpful book. Plus, I got it through Tyndale Publishing’s Blog network for free to review. This book shed light on relationships; serious or casual. It helped the reader to see when a relationship was going too far too fast or help decide on how far the relationship should go through 5 simple steps. Those steps are the following sharing guidelines:bio-data, testimony-faith story, dreams, fears, and deepest hurts. Yes, we may share some of these with our friends, but the book is really speaking about the deepest personal fears, dreams, and hurts that you have dealt with.  The book gave light on so  many things that I hadn’t really seen before or took time to notice.

This booklet was an easy read and really helped me figure out how to get through a tough time with a friend.  Grab your copy at the stores below. It helped me, so I’m sure it will help you look at the different side of things.

Amazon: Kindle for $2.37; 10 pack of paperbacks $19.99

Barnes and Noble: $2.49 for all editions

Stay tuned for next week’s post on Anchor In The Store by Sarah Sundin. It’s really been a great read and I’m sure I can use what I read in this book to relate to it… 🙂

Happy Reading!

Hairstyled by Anne Thouieux

Hairstyled by Anne Thouieux

Okay! This book just came today from Blogging for Books, but I couldn’t help going through it in one sitting. This a paper back book called Hairstyled by Anne Thouieux-75 ways to bride, pin, and accessorize your hair (learn more about this book and author here)  and it really is all about hairstyles.

As a amHairstyledature cosmetologist, I thought the book was really awesome. It has all kinds of styles for short or long hair to curly or straight. There are simple dos and a little more difficult dos. Myself, I’ve never been good at braiding it just never goes well. lol However a few of the dos I’ve done on my own. Particularly I have done the flower bun on page 27 and the french twist on page 15.  I’ve also done the interesting bow like bun  on page 194.

What I like about this book? Well… I definitely feel this is an easy book for anyone wanting a simple hairstyle or something differe
nt. I also like the fact the pictures really show detail and get to the point quickly and the worded directions are easy and short. This book is awesome.  If I was a cosmetology instructor I’d make this a go-to for all my students. It’s always nice to have a reference book for hair dos and don’ts. I’m probably going to try some of the shoulder length hair dos myself this weekend, because its my birthday…

Where to get this book…

I recommend looking on Amazon as always for these books or Barnes and Noble… I’ll list the prices below.

Amazon : $16.99 paperback NEW; $8.19 USED; Kindle $11.99

BN: $16.98 Paperback NEW; $11.99 NOOK

If you know anyone that likes to “play” with hair, they’ll love this book.

As always, have to note I got this book for free through  the Blogging for Books program.

Thanks for stopping by and can’t wait to review another awesome book. 🙂