Willie Out West by Rhoda Walker

This was a cute little book about a young Walrus, named Willie who has big dreams of heading out to the Old West. Children will enjoy this little short story and the adventures Willie goes on. We meet a lot of friends on Willie’s Adventures. He also meets some bad guys out there in the dessert. Willie the Walrus is the sheriff and he keeps everything together in his own way that is. 🙂

I recommend this little book for any child under 10. It is a great easy reader! I got the book, so that isn’t really kid friendly, but I loved the illustrations and how the text was written exactly as the pictures showed. It is a cute story and is very enjoyable to read. It even made me laugh.

Lastly, I want to mention that I received this book for an honest opinion from Booklook bloggers program.


More book reviews coming soon

I have three book reviews coming to all of you guys shortly. I’ve been busy with my new job recently, which you can see here.  So working with my new schedule and doing other things that I enjoy to do need to have some time management. Right now is blogging time on all 4-5 of my blogs. Next, I’m going to go read my latest book and possibly work on my next craft creation. I’m low on inventory of my best selling product, Kirby.  Plus I need to review my makeup artist certification course. UGH!!! So many things not so much time.

Look forward to my latest reviews coming later this week. 🙂 The next book will be called About a Dog.

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Rosalind of Ipsworth and Sir Randel Penigree are both from different sides of the tracks. She’s a peasant and he’s a knight. They live in the 1200s embarking on a children’s crusade to the middle east lead by the young girl Sapphira who has been lead by God in dreams and visions that this is what He is leading them to do.

Rosalind and Randel has a many things in common and both carry very heart wrenching secrets that are eating their souls. They both are seeking forgiveness, and feel that they need to just serve God as a monk and a nun. They get closer in their friendship due to two other problem people on broad the ship. In order to distract Lady Jocelyn and Lord Rumsford from their pursuits, Rosalind and Randel decide to embark on a faux relationship. They decide to act out a romance in order to protect each other.

I also want to note that there is a mysterious character that talks for several pages periodically in the book. It’s hard to figure out who this person is that has such animosity towards Randel and the reason behind the feelings. This person also sees that Rosalind is a hinderance to their plan of revenge.

Will Randel and Rosalind be able to over come their hurts and learn to forgive themselves? Will they learn that God forgives them no matter what they have done sinfully? Will Randel and Rosalind soon see the relationship that is budding?

My opinion:

Well… I got this free through Bethany House Publishers for my honest review. This was a very good book once I got into it. At first it felt like a drag to read this book. However, once I got more involved in the grievances of the characters were under going I could relate.

The author was very good at portraying the pain of the Randel and Rosalind. In this generation, Randel would be suffer from Post-Tramatic Stress Sydrome. Rosalind was also dealing with a great amount of regret and gulit.

I recommend this book for younger adults and beyond, because there were some graphic scenes of battles and slashing blood.

Where to purchase:

Check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local bookstore for prices (please support small businesses and local businesses that are in your community). Also go to your local library and see if it is available in your area physical or digital.

Amazon: Kindle $8.81; Paperback $9.27

Barnes and Noble:Nook $10.99; Paperback $9.71

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A Haven on Orchard Lane by Lawana Blackwell

A Haven on Orchard Lane by Lawana Blackwell

Forgiveness…the root of this wonderful novel. Charlotte Ward, a former Shakespearean actress, seeks refuge from her abusive husband, Lord Roger Fosberry.

Charlotte plans her escape by accepting a call to return to the stage in London. Due  to health complications caused by extreme dieting, Charlotte ends up in the hospital. When her estranged daughter, Rosalind, shows up due to vicious reporters trying to get dirt on Charlotte, there is much animosity between the two.

Rosalind and Charlotte do not have a very good relationship at first. However, after they seek refuge in the quite town of Port Stilwell is when they come together and  forgiveness is given to each for their choices and hardships. They soon both learn that forgiveness is fully given when Gods Grace is applied in their lives. Their relationship grows stronger along with their new found friends as well.

However, danger arises after Rosalind returns to her job as an instructor. A note arrives that seems threatening to her mother from Lord Fosberry demanding a divorce. Rosalind seeks advice as soon as she returns home. In order to keep her mother from adventuring out to far from their new home, she decides to stay with her indefinitely until the situation is resolved. Shortly, after Rosalind arrives back home to Port Stilwell, a mystery “artist” appears and they fear their privacy has been compromised. I’ll stop here so you can go read the book yourself to see what else happens.

This book contains several other characters that influence both Charlotte and Rosalind’s life in many positive aspects, and others that they influence and help make their lives better. This is a wonderful novel and I highly recommend it.

I lastly need to mention I got this book through Bethany house publishers for an honest review. Below are a few places you can go pick up your copy of this uplifting tale of faith and forgiveness.

Amazon– $8.46 Paperback; $8.04 Kindle Edition

Barnes and Noble– $8.46 paperback;  $10.49 NookBook

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Anchor In the Storm by Sarah Sundin

Anchor In the Storm by Sarah Sundin

What a great book! This is one of my favorites, and I got it through Bethany house publishers. I’m actually sad I didn’t request the real book. This books was full of suspense, mystery, romance, everything that makes a great book.

This book is second in this particular series. It focuses on a young girl named Lillian Avery, who possesses a handicap. I will refrain from mentioning what it is due to the fact it is a significant part of the book. She has had bad relationships in her pass an is very closed about her feelings and vows to never get that close to a man again. Until that is, Archer Vandenburg, a very wealthy sailor who wants be nothing but to just be a navy sailor an hates his wealth, walks into her life.

Throughout the book they both struggle with their faith in God and how he should be their sole anchors in life. This book was great and there’s a third installment! I forgot to mention I enjoyed the fact that there were discussion questions in the back of the book that really helped tie the story together and helped apply the lessons learned in the book to your life.

Again wonderful book and too bad I didn’t get the paperback. 😦
You can find this book on Amazon and Barnes and noble.

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Kindle First Day

Hi, everyone… If you have Amazon Prime, don’t miss the Kindle First free books of the month… I chose the Sand Star… I’m hoping I’ll get to read it soon, but with my other April books coming soon, I’m not sure. It may be a while. 🙂

Sand Star appears to be  about a young Japanese girl who finds two soldiers from opposite sides in a cave during WWII. That sounds like a really interesting story. I’m very interested because my Grandmother was Japanese and lived in Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Japan when the Bomb dropped. My grandfather was also stationed their during the Korean War when he met my Grandma.  I’ve also been to Japan as well. 🙂 It’s a very humbling experience. My friend went to Japan a few weeks ago. His first trip ever on overseas and on a plane! However, he hasn’t talked to us or about the trip. Guess he didn’t like it?!  Anyway, I’m excited to read this book and what happens with these soldiers.

What you’ve all been waiting for

What you’ve all been waiting for

I’m very sorry for the delay in this particular book review post. I was busy with my businesses and making my inventory. Then I got a slight cold and have vertigo issues sometimes. Even now I’m having a hard time staring at this screen image001.pngand typing. Something about the type of screen it is and WordPress is making me dizzy. lol However, let us move right into the book review.

Today I’m reviewing a self help book by Jessie Minassian  called Backwards Beauty.  I received this as an eBook. This book is interesting in its layout and is broken down into 10 steps for teenage girls to apply to their life. It is written in a Christian perspective and is like reverse psychology to help you see how silly you can be in thinking you need to be skinny or thin just to be liked by boys. At times, the book was interesting at others I got bored. I liked the questions at the end of each chapter and the application of a Bible Study. I can’t say I liked all the suggestions in the book. Especially the food chapter. Something about it bothered me. Maybe I just enjoy my tatters and fries too much. 🙂

However,  I thought the book was good if girls didn’t have a mentor to talk to or a mom. It could give you more self-confidence. Even myself thought some of the chapters were quiet interesting enough to apply now in my adult life. 🙂 Some of the steps you could use forever.

Now as always, I have to say I got to try the book for free through Net Galley and Tyndale Publishing.

Stay tuned for more great books!