Christmas in Good Hope Novel 1

Hi, folks! Just finished a lovely novel, first in the series, called Christmas in Good Hope. The story takes place in the town of Good Hope, either in Washington state or Oregon.  It is Christmas time and the motto is Neighbors helping neighbors.

Amaryllis Bloom, Ami for short, has been having coffee every morning for months with her new friend Beckett Cross. He’s new in town and runs the Cafe Muddy Boots. Ami own a Bakery right down the street from them. Every morning they meet at the cafe to talk and drink coffee and eat her wonderful cookies. However, this Christmas it seems there’s more to their friendship.

Beckett has moved into the Victorian Home that is suppose to be on the Twelve Nights tour. The Cherry’s, which is the club Ami is apart of due to her mother’s memory and final wishes, urge Ami to talk to Beckett to get him to open his house. Little does Ami know that the entire idea is hard for Beckett. He had lost his wife several months ago and he is bitter.

They both suddenly grow closer as time nears the holidays. Ami  bring joy to Beckett and heals his broken heart, yet he still holds a few secrets on what happened. As well Ami holds a secret of her own. She’ll never drive anywhere and always catches a ride with someone. Beckett finds this peculiar, but he sees the beauty in her heart. They soon began falling for each other, and make love one night after a holiday party. Soon they are with each other almost every waking moment. Ami helps Beckett in the Muddy Boots and makes meals to make money for the furnace she so needs.

However, Ami fears that the secret she holds will hinder her relationship that she has learned to enjoy and love. She learns that she loves Beckett and that he loves her. Are their secrets going to hinder their relationship? You’ll just have to find out for yourself. 🙂 I can’t say anymore, but it has a good ending.

Part 2 is coming out in June 2016. That’s going to be nice. I can’t wait.

Where can you get this book? Amazon of course. It is available for $5.99 digital or $9.50 paperback. Click the link above if you are interest. If you have prime you maybe able to borrow the book for free. 🙂

Happy Holidays!!! And Happy Reading!