A current case unravels an old mystery

Hi, everyone and Happy New Year. This is my first book for the 2018 season and my last book for the 2017 season. I did a great job last year with all the books I shared with you all. I didn’t hit my goal, but I almost reached it.

Today, we are going to look at my latest read- The House on Foster Hill by Jamie Joe Wright. This is a dual perspective book. One perspective is from the current era from Kaine Prescott who is dealing with the lost of her husband Danny. Kaine believes her husband was killed, but the police had considered it accidental. Kaine moves to a town Wisconsin where her great-great grandmother, Ivy Thrope lived. Kaine moves into the Foster Hill House to run from the home and the silent stalker behind in San Diego. Kaine soon finds some new friends that help her resolve and help her find the answers she needs and give her protection and she is soon attacked in the Foster Hill House. However, Foster Hill holds some secrets in itself.

Ivy Thrope,  (Kaine’s great-great grandmother), is still grieving the lost of her brother Andrew 12 year prior. Everyone states that Ivy has some connection to the deceased and want nothing to do with her, because she works with her father, an medical examiner. When Ivy’s father becomes involved in an investigation of a murdered teenage girl near the Foster Hill House, things become very interesting for Ivy. Her former best friend, Detective Joel Cunningham, shows up suddenly after 12 years to help the sheriff and , Ivy is not happy and is uneased. It was when she is attacked at Foster Hill, when searching for clues, that is when Ivy and Joel try to mend things together.

Will both of these women find and clues they need to bring the innocent some peace in their eternal sleep?  Will God help the two women to the clues they need to solve the crimes being committed. You will have to grab this great read. I can’t put it down myself. 🙂 You won’t be disappointed.

The writing style is seamless. You read something that Kaine finds in clues to her life and then you find Ivy is looking and finding clues to her own life mysteries. This is an awesome book.

Here are a few places you can find The House on Foster Hill:

Amazon: Kindle -$1.99; Paperback $7.42

Barnes and Noble: Paperback $9.08; Nook -$1.99

Walmart: Paperback $7.42

Christianbook: Paperback $7.49

Target: Paperback $10.39

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did. Here are a few extras that I included in my review today: Q&A and Book Announcement/Synopsis from the author.

Lastly,I thank the Bethany House Publishers for giving me the opportunity to read such a great book for a complimentary eBook copy.

Enjoy and happy reading!!! Keep warm, too!!


fd34caad-c72d-445b-9c94-8240a7054a8a_1-e54295f7aeb00693909130297d7e5684Deadly Proof by Rachel Dylan is a great mystery book; book 1 of the Atlanta Justice Series. This was my first law mystery thriller book, and I will say that I enjoyed it very much.

The book is about Kate Sullivan, a stubborn young woman litigator with an interesting past. She will not stop until her client’s gain justice for the inconceivable crimes that have been committed against them. Her faith keeps her going for her clients. She may even put herself into harms way in order to gain closure for herself and her clients.

Kate Sullivan is handling a case against Mason Pharmaceutical Company, a pharmaceutical company that has released drugs that have harmed individuals that have taken the medications. Kate’s newest client, Ellie Proctor, an employee scientist comes to her for help. Kate was hesitant from the first moment. However, Ellie had shown some light into the case at hand.

Several days after Kate and Ellie meant, Ellie is found dead in an Atlanta parking garage. Kate hires private investigator Landon James to help dig deeper into the case. However, their relationship grows closer as friends due to the threats Kate begins having against her.

Landon James is a former Army Ranger, who is very wise and wants nothing to happen to Kate. He warns her of the dangers and risks, but Kate is very stubborn. Will Kate heed Landon’s warning?

Landon’s faith is shaky after his deployment in the Middle East. Will Landon’s faith rekindle in order to help save Kate from the danger he senses or will he succumb to his past?

I recommend grabbing a copy of this awesome book at your local library or at one of the below retailers.



Barnes and Noble: $9.89

Amazon: $8.88

As always, I did enjoy this book. It was very good. At first, it took me a while to get to the plot  and story line, but I soon was enjoying the book so much that the cover began to curl. 🙂

I want to lastly thank the Bethany House Publishers for the opportunity to read this fine book. I look forward to the sequels in this series. I think I can already guess who and what the next book will be about. There were some hints, but you’ll have to find out what I’m talking about by reading the book.

Leave a comment below to tell me what you think of the book I’ve just read.  Will you be getting a copy?

Threads of suspicion by Dee Henderson


Threads of suspicion by Dee Henderson is my new favorite mystery book series. I always loved Castle on ABC and this made me miss the show even more.  (See Below of the trailer of Threads of Suspicion, but don’t leave yet… Read of the rest of my review. 🙂 )

This is a great story about Lieutenant Evie Blackwell and the new Chicago based cold case detectives.  Her partner is David and is the boyfriend of the famous Triple M Band singer Maggie May McDonald. The entire force is give a case or two to solve for the next several months. David is assigned the cold case of Saul Morris, a private investigator gone missing while conducting a case. Evie is assigned the case of Jenna Greenhill, a college girl that went missing after a concert.

Both mystery cold cases seem to intertwine each other in some areas, which allows Evie and David to help each other solve the crimes and why their individuals are missing or dead. As they continue to unveil their cases and dig deeper into them, they soon discover that Jenna’s disappearance is linked to a Triple M Concert and 5 other missing woman cases. Not wanting to fear Maggie, they have to see the connections linked to the concerts and the other women. Along with this discovery, they also will find that Saul Morris went missing while looking at Jenna Greenhill’s case. However, I will stop here about the cases so I do not spoil anything for you.

Here are a few questions to consider for the case: do you think Jenna and Saul are alive or not? If not, who do you think killed them? Will Maggie be in danger or the next victim?

However, the story is much more than just the case of Saul Morris and Jenna Greenhill. Evie and David both are struggling in their personal relationships. Evie is scared to say yes and make a marriage commitment to her boyfriend, Rob, and David is waiting patiently for Maggie to discover and put her faith in Jesus. David longs to marry Maggie, and will wait until she can understand his faith. Both Evie and David pray ernestly and wait patiently for the answers for their lives. Will Evie finally resolve her issues and say Yes to Rob? Will Maggie come to have faith in Jesus? You are just going to have to pick up a copy for your self.

Here are some retailers that are selling the book:

Walmart: $12.50 paperback

Amazon:$11.87 paperback; $8.63 kindle

Barnes and Noble: $12.13 paperback; Nook $9.99

Christianbook.com: $14.99 paperback

Honest thoughts about the book:

When I first started reading the book, I was not so sure about it. I’ve read several mystery novels recently and they haven’t been too catchy. However, I opened my mind and discovered how much I was really enjoying this book. It was a great book, and I did enjoy it every much.  It made me miss my favorite detective show CASTLE, though. One thing I will mention about the book that got to me was that it was a cliffhanger. I need more about Evie Blackwell and her partner David. UGH!!! There are so many unanswered questions. I need more, but for now I’ll have to wait. 🙂

Lastly, I want to mention, that I received this digital ebook for my honest opinion from the Baker Publishing. I really enjoyed the book once I got into the story.

Until next week…

Happy reading

Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering

Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering

image001-1Hi, everyone… sorry for the delay. 😦 Anyway, I want to tell you about this new Mystery Novel I got to read through the good friends at Bethany House Publishers. This book, titled Murder on the Moor, is from the Drew Farthering Detective Series by Julianna Deering.

This was one my first mystery novels I’ve read in a long time. I use to read Nancy Drew, but this book was different. This book was very slow at first. It was hard to grasp on what was going on until I really got into the book. I don’t know if it was because it was set in 1940s England causing the issue for me or if it was the writing style, but I got through it.

What’s it about?

We meet Detective Drew Farthering on a rainy evening with his wife reading to him from Jane Eyre, when old friend Beaky Bloodworth shows up with a mystery murder of the church’s Vicar, who was found dead on the steps of the old church. We soon find out there are many suspects in the Moor and no one is left unscathed. We even suspect Beaky’s wife, Sabrina, due to her presumptuous ways. In the end, you will never guess who the murder ends up to be, but I’m not telling. 🙂 You’ll just have to pick a copy of it up for yourself at these fine retailers or at your local library.

Amazon: $9.40 paperback; $8.93 kindle

Family Christian: $15.99

ChristianBook: $9.49

BarnesandNoble: $9.40 paperback; $10.99 Nook

Walmart: $9.50 (free 2-day shipping with $35 order)

Jet.com: Starting at $12.86

Did the book meet your expectations?

It was decent, but like I mentioned I got lost a few times and it was getting confusing. The chapters were very long at times and I felt like I was never getting though the book. 😦 If you like mysteries, it was pretty good; a lot of suspects and you can’t ever decide who you think the murderer is. The author keeps you guessing. I liked that and it was an easy read. It was just probably something I’m not exactly interested in reading. I’m more of a love story or exciting novel person. I love detective shows, but the books I’m not so sure.

Until next time, happy reading!!!



Books and short stories for the Holiday Season

Hi, folks… We got a great selection of short stories just for the Holiday Season. We’ll also cover two great books I’ve read this month. 🙂 I’m so happy to have been sharing with you all these great stories this year. I hope that we’ll be able to continue and grow our social network next year. 15 more followers would be a great acheivement for 2017. Let’s make that happen!

So next week, watch for upcoming holiday reviews and my latest book Shadow in the Storm. This book gives me mixed feelings on whether I like it or not. I’m about half-way so we’ll be doing a review on that shortly.

Fading Starlight by Kathryn Cushman

What a delightful story about gaining strength in God in tough situations! This book I had an opportunity to review through Baker Publishing Group.

It was about a girl named Lauren Summers, who is trying to become an up and coming fashion designer. Everything is going great for her until a wardrobe malfunction happens with a celebrity she was working with. She knows deep down it couldn’t be her fault, but the tabloids don’t care and they cream her reputation. So much so that she decides to go live in a secluded area for the summer and work for a local school play.

When she arrives she is told to stay clear of Miss Montgomery next door. Don’t get near her in any way. Lauren learns the hard way when a tabloid writer insists that she find things out about Miss Montgomery’s past, who is just angry over the fact Lauren is there, in exchange for proof that Lauren was not the culprit in the wardrobe malfunction.

You have to read more on why Miss Montgomery is so untrustworthy of people like Lauren. Will Lauren be sucked in with the devil? Will Lauren use the love of God to win over Miss Montgomery or will her desire for revealing the culprit of the wardrobe malfunction eat her alive and be her motive?

Interested in getting this book. Check out Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The current prices are below.

Paperback Amazon $11.47 Kindle Edition $9.99

BN.com Paperback $11.29 Nook Edition $10.49

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Anchor In the Storm by Sarah Sundin

Anchor In the Storm by Sarah Sundin

What a great book! This is one of my favorites, and I got it through Bethany house publishers. I’m actually sad I didn’t request the real book. This books was full of suspense, mystery, romance, everything that makes a great book.

This book is second in this particular series. It focuses on a young girl named Lillian Avery, who possesses a handicap. I will refrain from mentioning what it is due to the fact it is a significant part of the book. She has had bad relationships in her pass an is very closed about her feelings and vows to never get that close to a man again. Until that is, Archer Vandenburg, a very wealthy sailor who wants be nothing but to just be a navy sailor an hates his wealth, walks into her life.

Throughout the book they both struggle with their faith in God and how he should be their sole anchors in life. This book was great and there’s a third installment! I forgot to mention I enjoyed the fact that there were discussion questions in the back of the book that really helped tie the story together and helped apply the lessons learned in the book to your life.

Again wonderful book and too bad I didn’t get the paperback. 😦
You can find this book on Amazon and Barnes and noble.

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See you next time when I review the book fading starlight and we have also the quieting coming up soon as well… 🙂