Are you ready for some laughs?

Hi, I’ve been reading this awesome book called Rhinestones on my Flip-Flops by Jane Jenkins Herlong. This is a very interesting book about several different types of women in the Bible to learn good virtues and how to be humble with a little humor put in the mix.

These are a few WOW (women of wisdom) characters we look at in the book.We look at Esther and her courage to know in her heart what was the right thing to do, even though her life was at stake. Then we look at Mary and Martha and how each woman had different feelings for the priorities.  We look at Sarah, Abraham’s wife and how she took matters in her hands, because felt tired and dried up.  And let’s  not forget Naomi and Ruth… both had many situations to over come, but kept their faith and God richly blessed them. There are more women mentioned in this book, but you get the point. Women role models that are good examples to learn by.

I have liked this book, but it hasn’t been my all time favorite. The humor was fairly good and well thought about. It always seemed to put a smile on my face. However, the book was just a so-so read for me. Sometimes I felt the topics and chapters wandered. However, that is just a matter of opinion. Lastly, I have to mention this was a complimentary copy of the book from Faith Words/Hachette Publishing company.

If you’d like to find a  copy, here are a few places.

Walmart: $10.19 paperback

Amazon: $10.19 paperback

Barnes and Noble: $10.33 paperback (sample digital available)

I’ll see you again next week with my newest legal thriller read.


Choice Summer The Nikki Sheridan Series by Shirley Brinkerhoff

Choice Summer The Nikki Sheridan Series by Shirley Brinkerhoff

Wow! This book is really good. I read it back about 10 years ago and I keep wanting to go back to it. Written in a Christian Perspective, this book, Choice Summer by Shirley Brinkerhoff, is the first book about the summer Nikki Sheridan’s life changed forever. Just to note this book is for mature teenage girls and brings awareness to the importance of waiting to have sex before marriage. It also approaches the topic of unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

Nikki was just the typical 16 year old girl. Popular and her boyfriend was definitely one of those cool boys on the varsity. You know LETTERMAN jacket, the works. The story begins in the nurses office at a clinic far from home on her way to her grandparents house for the summer. The nurse tells her the news: “Sure enough, honey, you’re pregnant!” The word runs through Nikki’s mind PREGNANT?!  BUT IT JUST WAS ONE TIME. The story goes on and she tries to figure out ways to hide the pregnancy, however, she knows she can’t hide it for long. Nikki can’t be a disgrace to her parents or her grandparents.She has all the symptoms and morning sickness is one. She seeks confidence  in an old friend Jeff and he gives her Christian guidance and counsel.

Nikki’s got some decisions to make. She considers a possible abortion. Could it be as simple as the nurse said? Will God forgive her for her decisions? She only has a few weeks to decide on what to do. Before too long her belly will be growing with the precious life inside her. Also will a dark  family secret be revealed? Is Nikki ready for what’s coming? You’ll just have to get a copy of this great  book!

It is out of print so here are a few links I found in the meantime.


What you’ve all been waiting for

What you’ve all been waiting for

I’m very sorry for the delay in this particular book review post. I was busy with my businesses and making my inventory. Then I got a slight cold and have vertigo issues sometimes. Even now I’m having a hard time staring at this screen image001.pngand typing. Something about the type of screen it is and WordPress is making me dizzy. lol However, let us move right into the book review.

Today I’m reviewing a self help book by Jessie Minassian  called Backwards Beauty.  I received this as an eBook. This book is interesting in its layout and is broken down into 10 steps for teenage girls to apply to their life. It is written in a Christian perspective and is like reverse psychology to help you see how silly you can be in thinking you need to be skinny or thin just to be liked by boys. At times, the book was interesting at others I got bored. I liked the questions at the end of each chapter and the application of a Bible Study. I can’t say I liked all the suggestions in the book. Especially the food chapter. Something about it bothered me. Maybe I just enjoy my tatters and fries too much. 🙂

However,  I thought the book was good if girls didn’t have a mentor to talk to or a mom. It could give you more self-confidence. Even myself thought some of the chapters were quiet interesting enough to apply now in my adult life. 🙂 Some of the steps you could use forever.

Now as always, I have to say I got to try the book for free through Net Galley and Tyndale Publishing.

Stay tuned for more great books!