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Sorry for the delay… I have several things coming up within the next week or so. I got a review on the book Fading Starlight by K. Cushman… That was a lovely book so I’m wanting to get that review in for you all. And then I’m working on the book  The Quieting by Suzanne Fisher, which is the second installment in a series.

I’ll have these all in to you by the end of the month… Plus I have a Q and A with the author of Anchor in the Storm coming soon as well…

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The Magnolia Duchess by Beth White

Today, I’m sharing with you a book that has been long over due- The Magnolia Duchess by Beth White- that I received via ebook from Baker Publishing Group and Net Galley. The setting for this book was during the War of 1812- the latter half. This book was about a young girl, Fiona Lanier, in her twenties, who lived at a ship yard with her uncle and brothers. Her parents had died at sea and her twin brother is in the military but is a prisoner at War in a British Ship. She has her faith and her houses. Until an old friend named Charlie, a British Red Coat- the enemy, wines up on her beach.

At first, Charlie doesn’t remember who he is, but soon remembers her and an attraction begins to rise between them. However, Charlie has yet to come to Christ and he is the enemy by all means. Fiona and her brothers soon learn that they could possibly use Charlie to get her brother released if the right dignitaries are involved. The story goes on and Fiona is quiet the rebel at times when it comes to being independent. She wears pants and everything!!! J She’s some like a Joan of Ark with guts and faith. But I think you should get the book to find out more how the story ends.

What did I think of the book?

Well this book had a great story line and a lot of historical facts that even I was sure of. The reason I feel this book took so long for me to write about is that because of all these facts; it got sort of distracting and boring to read at parts when it came to battle scenes. Also, there was a lot of date hopping and voice changing. One time it is Fiona, then the next time it is Charlie, or even Fiona’s cousin that enters the picture by the 5th chapter. Otherwise the tale of two faithful people who never give up on each other despite being enemies was very interesting and intriguing.

Where to purchase this book?

I always recommend Amazon, but there are other places you can find them. However, here is a link to the book and the cost for comparison.

Kindle: $9.99; Paperback: $13.28

I’d like to thank Baker Publishing Group for the Opportunity to read this book. I’m very happy to be a part of their blogging program…

See you next week with my latest book I DON’T GET YOU- A Guide to Healthy Conversations by Sherry Graf.

Happy Reading!

Coming shortly… Magnolia Duchess by Beth White

Hi, I can’t wait to share with you my latest book review on the Magnolia Duchess by Beth White… This is a great historical christian fiction romance book. Two hearts are torns due to the fact they are both enemies on opposing sides… Plus best part, I got it free through the Tyndale Publishing Bloggers network. Awesome right… Stay tuned!!

Wait for tomorrows post on this awesome novel… 🙂

More books too come

Oh I just finished my latest read, but haven’t had a bunch of time due to the holidays to post my review. I can’t wait to tell you all about the book I read Christmas in Good Hope.  It was a wonderful romance novel.  I’ll be getting the post out shortly.

In the mean time, I’ll be writing my short reviews of other Christmas stories I love to read this coming week. Hope to see you all soon.

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Second Chances by Allison Stanley

Hi, everyone another week another book entry. 🙂 Hope everyone is gearing up for the holiday season. The radio is already getting festive. However, this is about a book review so lets get started.

Recently, I saw this book for free on the Kindle store one day. I have a Kindle and its the coolest thing around. 🙂 I love it, plus you get free books every so often.  However, I still like the old fashioned reading books. Something about holding it in your hands is so rewarding. Anyway, I purchased this ebook called “Second Chances” by Allison Stanley. It said it was a Christian fiction. I wasn’t sure about it since it was free,  (free doesn’t mean a good read) but I’m always in the mood to just try it. Come to find out it was a really good book. So good I started reading two chapters a night before bed.

The book is some what interesting ins how it is written. There are two girls in the book; they are best friends who have gone to college in separate parts of New Zealand. Each chapter focuses on just one of the girls situation. It’s sort of strange it is like reading two different books. The one girl has just come out of a relationship and the other girl is getting ready to marry the man of her dreams.  The one girl feel discouraged with college life and what’s happened in her previous relationship and heads home to just think about things. Her mom tells her to go to the church and try to get involved in the youth department. She meets this nice guy who has a little kid and babysits him while his dad works. Her best friend is super excited for her and is dreaming that maybe this is the guy God’s given her and is planning her wedding set for the next year, but after a fight with her boyfriend she is also discouraged and heads home.

All ends well at the end, but there is a much needed sequel. 🙂 It was really a good book. =D And I got it free.

Get yours here. Happy Reading!!!

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