Courting Mr. Emerson

Today we are going to meet Mr. George Emerson in Courting Mr. Emerson by Melody Carson.

George Emerson is just starting retirement. He’s been living the same life for the past 30 years and the school he’s been with has changed so much, George has decided that its time to retire. But before he can even get out of the school Wild Willow West breezes into his life. Well… Wild Willow West is more like a wind storm to George.

Willow West is wanting someone to help write a letter of recommendation for her grandson Colin. Colin has mentioned the Mr. Emerson is one of his favorite teachers. When Willow West meets George Emerson she finds that he is a very peculiar and quirky individual and is in need of a emotional and mental ‘face lift.’

As Willow pushes her way into George’s life, although not intentional, George finds himself and notices he is a creature of habit and feels he does need to try new things. George soon becomes a mentor to Colin and helps him with his college options. However when Colin’s estranged mother shows back up after 18 years, after a hard break up, will it become too overwhelming for George to keep up the friendship with Willow and her ‘wild’ family? You will have to check out the book for yourself. Below are some places where you can find the book. 🙂

AMAZON: Paperback $12.61; Kindle $8.63

WALMART: Paperback $12.61

BARNES AND NOBLE: Paperback $15.99; Nook $10.99

This book was a great read. It was funny and makes the reader laugh out loud. Although it was a Christian novel, it did not push the envelope too hard, so I recommend this as a clean novel and a good heart felt adult read. I want to also mention that I received the book from the publisher and was under no obligation to post a review that was in favor or not in favor of the book. I just read them for fun so you guys can get a chance to hear about great books.

I look forward to sharing my next read Almost Home next time.

Have a great spring evening!

We all need Hope

Hello, everyone. I guess WordPress decided to update so it took me a little bit to figure out how to post a new entry… Oops!!!

Today, we are looking at the new book Remarkable Hope by Shauna Letellier. This was an awesome collection of biblical stories where hope seemed all but lost. In this 205 page book, we cover 10 different types of Hope. Let’s review some of the ideas that the book mentioned about hope.

We talk about the unimaginable hope Mary felt when the Holy Spirit came to her and miraculously had her conceived a child. She had the faith and hope that her Son would be special and didn’t even question the Angel Gabriel, who told her these things. She just kept hope.

We learn about the confused hope of the disciples on the Emmaus Road. They were so confused about their friend Jesus dying. They felt so sure he was the Messiah, however, they remained hopeful even in their confusion. They had no word on what happened on the third day. A ‘stranger’ met up with them on the road and asked them why they looked so glum. It took them a while to realize that the man they met was actually Jesus. However, they had remained hopeful about the situation, they just missed the exciting news that their friend had risen from the cold, dark grave.

The next type of hope I will mention today from this book is about Delayed hope. Mary, Martha, and Lazarus are the characters and Lazarus ends up dead in the grave for 4 days. How awful! Mary and Martha had sent word to Jesus, who was traveling, that Lazarus was on his death-bed. They hoped that Jesus was going to heal their brother before he died. However, Jesus had other plans. Lazarus dies.

After 4 days, Jesus comes to town. Mary and Martha were upset, but they still had hope in their hearts, although they were not sure what was left. Jesus asked to see the grave and walked in. Jesus called for Larazus to come out. I’m sure their were stares like is He crazy. Lazarus has been dead for 4 days and you are acting like he’s a asleep. However, after calling Larazus to come out of the grave Larazus walked out. Mary and Martha’s hope did not fail them.

However, not all hope can turn out happily. John the Baptist was always questioning his hope. He knew there was hope but didn’t know how he was going to get out of Prison. He thought Jesus would come and help him out, but John the Baptist also knew that Jesus was the Messiah and that his job was done. John the Baptist didn’t lose hope, but he was ready to see the Pearly Gates.

There are so many other forms of different hopes that were mention in this book. The book really gave me more strength to remain hopeful even if all seems impossible. I hope that I can come back to this book again when I need a pick me up. It will help me that God hasn’t deserted me and that He’s there. He just might be a little delayed in coming.

I recommend this book as a easy biblical study or devotional study. You could also make a group study from this book as well. It was easy to read and down to earth. I loved how the book introduced the Biblical story first and then showed the application in the second half of the chapter. Lastly, I don’t want to forget to thank FaithWords publishing for the opportunity to read this complimentary book. I was in no way obliged to leave a review, but I like to so others can learn about a book that might help them.

If you haven’t found Remarkable Hope by Shauna Letellier, yet here are some locations you might be interested in purchasing it:

Barnes and Noble: Paperback $13.99; Nook $9.99

( I apologize if the link does not work. Seems to be an issues with right now)

Amazon: Paperback $9.79; Kindle $9.99

Christianbook: Paperback $10.99; Ebook $9.99

I look forward to seeing you again for our next installment of great reads. Please make sure to follow and subscribe to this blog. Look forward to sharing with you the story of Courting Mr. Emerson by Melody Carson at our next meeting.

Happy Reading!

The Forgiving Jar by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Hi, everyone, I have meant to get to this post much sooner, but time ran away from me.

Image from: Walmart

Today, we are looking at Book 2 of the Prayer Jars Series, The Forgiving Jar, by Wanda E. Brunstetter. This is a great sequel to the first book, which I reviewed last summer. (You can visit this review here.)

In the Forgiving Jar, we fast forward several months to see where Michelle Taylor, who had been posing as Ruth and Willis Lapps grand-daughter Sara Murray, is doing. We find the Michelle is living with Ruth and Willis Lapp and is now in a relationship with Ezekiel King. Although, things are looking brighter for Michelle, her deception is bothering her, but she is grateful that Ruth and Willis have forgiven her of her misdeeds.

We, also, soon learn that Sara has visited with her grandparents previously and is returning to live with them, as well. However, Sarah is having a hard time forgiving Michelle of being an impostor.

During the months that past Sara continues to struggle with the fact Michelle and her grandparents are in good graces. Sara doesn’t understand how her grandparents can be so forgiving of everything Michelle had done. Sara is also struggling with other personal issues, too. Once Sara learns that Michelle has decided to become Amish, her envy and bitterness grows. Until one day, Sara is in the basement and discovers another prayer jar full of mysterious letters, verses, scriptures, and messages.

Then Brad shows back in to town and is very perplexed with the situation. However, Brad soon learns what happened while he was away at school. Brad communicates with Sara and tries to help her see things differently, but although he is drawn to her, Brad is hesitant in creating a lasting relationship with her. Brad feels that she is not a Christian and prays fervently for her and the issues she is having.

Will Sara learned to forgive Michelle and come to terms with the other issues in her life? Will she learn that God gives forgiveness to all no matter the issue? Will Brad help Sarah with the questions she has in her heart?

I recommend grabbing a copy of this book at your local or digital library or going to one of the retail stores below. Remember to always try to support the local retailers in your area.

Lastly, I want to thank the Barbour Publishing group and the author, Wanda Brunstetter, for giving me the opportunity to review this book. I was not obligated to leave a review, but I feel that it respects the author and the publisher if I do. Thank you!!! 🙂

Below are some of the retailers that I recommend purchasing from. {Please note Barnes and Noble links are not working at this time. Sorry, for the inconvenience! 😦 }

Walmart: Paperback $15.53

Amazon: Paperback $11.74; Kindle $9.99; Extend Free Preview

Barnes and Noble: Paperback $14.00; Nook FREE

I look forward to hearing what you have thought of the book. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Until next week, Happy Reading!!! 🙂

The Liberty Bride

The Liberty Bride

I’m so happy to be able to share with you another novel from the Daughters of the Mayflower series-The Liberty Bride by Marylu Tyndall. If you like to see my other reviews please refer to the links below:

A pirate bride

The Captured bride

Now to the current review of the Liberty Bride.

Our setting is during the Civil War on a ship outside the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. We meet Emeline Baratt and her English friend Hannah on the Emeline Baratt’s father’s ship on her way home from England after a four year stay. Emeline is anxious to get home, but also feels weary to go back to the life she left with her brothers and father. She likes to paint and she does not feel at her age she is fit for a Suitor. However, when her ship and her fellow shipmates are captured by the British and become prisoners at war, a young lieutenant, Owen Masters, captures her eye. But determine Emeline makes a deal with the Captain that she can mend and bandage the men.

Lieutenant Owen Masters is an America spy working with the British to give the intell to the troups on the coast line, however, Emeline Baratt, an young American woman, who claims to be for the British. Masters cannot stand that she is a traitor to her own country, and has a hard time hiding his emotions and feelings from his fellow lieutenants. However, Masters does find Emeline intriguing as she cares for both British and American soliders.

Things begin to get very overwhelming between Emeline Baratt and Owen Masters when they are told to go on land and report back to the Captain of the American’s activities. The attraction for each other becomes more prevalent. However, will Owen and Emeline be able to contain each others feelings and put the differences and war behind them? Or will they be find out of their true identities?

Well.. You will have to grab a copy for yourself at one of the local retailers below:

Walmart: Paperback $9.99

Amazon: Kindle $9.37; Paperback $9.86

Barnes and Noble (sorry, at this time, Barnes and Noble will not allow a direct link back to their site): Paperback $11.69; Nook $10.99

I want to mention that I really enjoyed this book and do not tire of this particular series. Plus, I want to thank Barbour Publishing for the opportunities to read this complimentary novel, and was under no obligation to leave a review. 🙂

Happy Reading and I’ll see you next time with the newest edition in the My Heart Belongs To… Series. See you there!

Okay, let’s get started with an update

Hi, everyone, I’m sorry I disappeared. All holiday I was busy working and I also got sick, but I’m back and I’m going to be posting at least three reviews for the next few days. I have read about 3 books since our last discussion. We need to get busy here, because 2019 has come.

So we will be reviewing the following books this week:

  • An Hour Unspent
  • Christmas Heirloom compilation novel
  • The Liberty Bride

After these books are review look for the following review in 2 weeks:

  • My Heart Belongs in Blue Ridge

Update: I will not be receiving as many books this year due to the dilution of the following programs:

  • Bethany House Publishers ended the blogging program
  • Tyndale Publishing is ending shortly
  • Blogging for Books has closed

I’m not sure why they have closed or ended the programs but they have. I have joined a few others, but they aren’t as consistent as these above programs were. I will keep you informed and I may have to purchase some books more often, but as a teacher I can get 20% off at Barnes and Noble so we will see what will happen this year.





Get Loud and Weird? Yes, Weird

Get Loud and Weird? Yes, Weird
Hi, everyone! Sorry for the delay but I wanted to make sure I had the time to write about our next read. Today, we are discussing about the CJ Casciotta book Get Weird: Discover the Surprising Secret to Making a Difference. So let’s get down to business. CJ Casciotta says that deep down we need to channel the weird in all of us. God created us to be “weird”. Our “weird” is what defines us. Many people may make fun of us for our “weirdness”, but it is what makes us take risks and love others. Most of use that possess this “weird” are the ones that make a lasting imprint. There are several people that let their “weirdness” make a stamp on the world. Some people that are the best examples of what being “weird” is all about are Mister Fred Rodgers; Martin Luther King, Jr; Jim Henson; and Walt Disney. Think about what these men did. Walt Disney made Mickey Mouse and no one would have told him that come 90 years, Mickey would be known throughout the world. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have never known the impact of what his civil rights movements would put on our world. Fred Rodgers went against all odds and put his faith in Public Television to produce a children’s show about imagination and how to ‘love your neighbor.’ Jim Henson had a dream of playing with puppets, but was he to realize that his love of puppeteering would’ve come to prime-time and everyone would know who Miss Piggie and Kermit the Frog are. These gentlemen started movements and channeled the weird in them to create something amazing. Every person has a little weird in them dying to get out. Why be normal and the same in this world, when we can let the ‘weird’ defy us and create something awesome? Everyone will put you down and say it won’t happen or quit hoping for what look impossible. Nothing is impossible and especially with God’s help. Keep looking up. Keep your dreams alive. Be Loud. Be Proud. Be Weird. Where to Buy I hope you enjoyed this book review. If you enjoyed, please feel free to follow and look forward to my next review on An Hour Unspent in a few weeks. Then we will be looking at some wonderful Holiday books in December. Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the holiday! Until next time. 🙂

The Life Handbook

Today we are going to review a new self-help advice guide. The College Girl’s Survivor Guide by Hannah Seymour can be used for reference to any level in life. The author clearly writes that the book can be read in its entirety or for the reader to jump to what is relevant in their life right now.

When I sat down with this book, I was not sure if it would apply to me in my life right now. I’m in my mid-twenties and have finished college a while back, however, I found some of the topics in this book really interesting. I read the first four chapters, as instructed in the introduction of the book then jumped around to relevant topics. Many of the topics in the book talk about relationships, friendships and how to handle it when your friends leave you, dating, sex, sexual assault, how to deal with roommates and your differences and so much more.

Although this book is written in a Christian perspective, it is far from narrow  minded and can apply to even secular people’s perspectives. I found this book very intriguing and it gave me some food for thought. I can’t say it gave me peace, only God can settle my soul, but it gave me some ideals to think about and consider with issues I have been currently having in my life.

I want to thank FaithWords publishing for giving me the complimentary copy of this book for an honest review. I really enjoyed jumping around and this book will be a book that will stay on my shelf for quite a while. If you are interested in grabbing a copy, you can head over to one of these local retailers:

Walmart: $14.21 Paperback

Amazon: $14.21 Paperback; $9.99 Kindle

Christian book: $11.99 Paperback

Barnes and Noble: $15.20 Paperback; $9.99 Kindle


I can’t wait to share with you my next great read. It is spin from Pride and Prejudice. I can’t wait to share it all with you.  Until next time, Happy Summer and happy beach reading.