Okay, let’s get started with an update

Hi, everyone, I’m sorry I disappeared. All holiday I was busy working and I also got sick, but I’m back and I’m going to be posting at least three reviews for the next few days. I have read about 3 books since our last discussion. We need to get busy here, because 2019 has come.

So we will be reviewing the following books this week:

  • An Hour Unspent
  • Christmas Heirloom compilation novel
  • The Liberty Bride

After these books are review look for the following review in 2 weeks:

  • My Heart Belongs in Blue Ridge

Update: I will not be receiving as many books this year due to the dilution of the following programs:

  • Bethany House Publishers ended the blogging program
  • Tyndale Publishing is ending shortly
  • Blogging for Books has closed

I’m not sure why they have closed or ended the programs but they have. I have joined a few others, but they aren’t as consistent as these above programs were. I will keep you informed and I may have to purchase some books more often, but as a teacher I can get 20% off at Barnes and Noble so we will see what will happen this year.






Get Loud and Weird? Yes, Weird

Get Loud and Weird? Yes, Weird
Hi, everyone! Sorry for the delay but I wanted to make sure I had the time to write about our next read. Today, we are discussing about the CJ Casciotta book Get Weird: Discover the Surprising Secret to Making a Difference. So let’s get down to business. CJ Casciotta says that deep down we need to channel the weird in all of us. God created us to be “weird”. Our “weird” is what defines us. Many people may make fun of us for our “weirdness”, but it is what makes us take risks and love others. Most of use that possess this “weird” are the ones that make a lasting imprint. There are several people that let their “weirdness” make a stamp on the world. Some people that are the best examples of what being “weird” is all about are Mister Fred Rodgers; Martin Luther King, Jr; Jim Henson; and Walt Disney. Think about what these men did. Walt Disney made Mickey Mouse and no one would have told him that come 90 years, Mickey would be known throughout the world. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have never known the impact of what his civil rights movements would put on our world. Fred Rodgers went against all odds and put his faith in Public Television to produce a children’s show about imagination and how to ‘love your neighbor.’ Jim Henson had a dream of playing with puppets, but was he to realize that his love of puppeteering would’ve come to prime-time and everyone would know who Miss Piggie and Kermit the Frog are. These gentlemen started movements and channeled the weird in them to create something amazing. Every person has a little weird in them dying to get out. Why be normal and the same in this world, when we can let the ‘weird’ defy us and create something awesome? Everyone will put you down and say it won’t happen or quit hoping for what look impossible. Nothing is impossible and especially with God’s help. Keep looking up. Keep your dreams alive. Be Loud. Be Proud. Be Weird. Where to Buy I hope you enjoyed this book review. If you enjoyed, please feel free to follow and look forward to my next review on An Hour Unspent in a few weeks. Then we will be looking at some wonderful Holiday books in December. Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the holiday! Until next time. 🙂

The Life Handbook

Today we are going to review a new self-help advice guide. The College Girl’s Survivor Guide by Hannah Seymour can be used for reference to any level in life. The author clearly writes that the book can be read in its entirety or for the reader to jump to what is relevant in their life right now.

When I sat down with this book, I was not sure if it would apply to me in my life right now. I’m in my mid-twenties and have finished college a while back, however, I found some of the topics in this book really interesting. I read the first four chapters, as instructed in the introduction of the book then jumped around to relevant topics. Many of the topics in the book talk about relationships, friendships and how to handle it when your friends leave you, dating, sex, sexual assault, how to deal with roommates and your differences and so much more.

Although this book is written in a Christian perspective, it is far from narrow  minded and can apply to even secular people’s perspectives. I found this book very intriguing and it gave me some food for thought. I can’t say it gave me peace, only God can settle my soul, but it gave me some ideals to think about and consider with issues I have been currently having in my life.

I want to thank FaithWords publishing for giving me the complimentary copy of this book for an honest review. I really enjoyed jumping around and this book will be a book that will stay on my shelf for quite a while. If you are interested in grabbing a copy, you can head over to one of these local retailers:

Walmart: $14.21 Paperback

Amazon: $14.21 Paperback; $9.99 Kindle

Christian book: $11.99 Paperback

Barnes and Noble: $15.20 Paperback; $9.99 Kindle


I can’t wait to share with you my next great read. It is spin from Pride and Prejudice. I can’t wait to share it all with you.  Until next time, Happy Summer and happy beach reading.

No matter how long ago; wrongs can be forgiven

Hello, everyone. Happy Summer! I can’t believe it is the beginning of the summer season. I have several more books to share with you in the coming weeks. Plus there are some updates happening with my book review programs. I hope to continue to review these awesome books for you in the future months. Anyway… let’s dive into today’s latest read.

Today we are going to take a look at Rebecca Jepson’s newest book in the ‘My Heart Belongs in…’ Series, “My Heart Belongs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado–Millie’s Resolve.”

We meet Millie Cooper, a fisherman’s daughter, as doctor’s assistant to Doctor Murphy in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Millie has been residing in Glenwood Springs for the past seven years  since she was left dreadful heart broken by Stephen Drexel on Nantucket Island. She thought that moving away to pursue a new life would heal her hurts. Instead her past meets back up with her in this small Coloradoan town.

John Drexel, brother of Stephen Drexel, has journeyed far in order to help his mother’s ill health and to pursue some business deals. John Drexel is in need of an nurses aid to his mother and his pregnant sister-in-law Florence. When he goes to speak with the local doctor, he discovers Millie Cooper is the doctors assistant. Although John knows that his mother may treat Millie uncouth due to her financial standings and the previous encounter, he feels she is the best choice for the job. Millie prayerfully considers the offer.

When Millie reluctantly accepts the offer John Drexel proposes, her world is turned up side down and she does not understand why God has lead her to help the individuals (the family) that hurt her so many years ago. Not only does Millie have to take care of the ill-mannered Katherine Drexel, but the situation becomes worse, as Millie must somehow help Stephens’ wife, who is dealing with a difficult pregnancy. On top of all the difficult situations, John soon draws a attraction toward Millie and enjoys the companionship of her in the Drexel house. But he does not know how to express nor handle the feelings.

What will John do with the feelings he possesses? Will he hide and lock them deep inside, never to let them out? Does Stephen Drexel still deep down have feelings for Millie? How can Millie face Stephen after all that has happened between them? Will she be able to forgive the wrongs that the Drexels have put upon her? Well…. you will have to find a copy for yourself. Here are a few places where you can find today’s book:

Walmart: $9.73 paperback

Amazon: $9.24 kindle; $9.73 paperback

Barnes and Noble: $10.99 Nook; $10.61 paperback

Christianbook: $9.49 paperback; $8.99 ebook

This book was great read. The book kept you interested in this crazy love triangle. Every twist and turn keeps you wanting to read more and more. Also, faith was a strong factor in this book and the main message of this novel was to learn how to forgive others, even if they’ve hurt you more than anything you can imagine. Hearts can forgive, especially with God’s help and grace.  Lastly, I want to thank Barbour Publishing for the complimentary copy of this wonderful novel. I was not obligated to post a review, but I felt it was only right to give my opinion so others can find good books to read.

Thanks for visiting today. If you like what you see on this blog, feel free to follow. Until next time… Happy Summer and Happy Reading!!! 🙂

The Pirate Bride by Kathleen Y’Barbo

Happy Tuesday every one! It is the third day of the week by definition. 🙂 And it’s time for us to look at my latest read: The Pirate Bride by Kathleen Y’Barbo. Due to the fact I was sick last week, I didn’t get a chance to post my review, so I apologize. 😦

This  book is from the Daughters of the Mayflower Series. Now I have never read this series before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. For one, I noticed that the book was in two sections and very fast moving. The novel starts out with a girl named Maribel Cordoba on her way to Cuba with her father. Her father told her he had to take her with him on his voyage because her Mama and Grandfather had died suddenly in an accident. Maribel is devastated and clings to the only item she has left; her mother’s scarf.

The one thing about Maribel is she loves the sea and she loves to teach others to read, especially pirate books. Her best friend on the ship is William and he watches out for her. Maribel has a fascination about pirates. One day, Captain Cordoba’s ship is overtaken by the what Maribel suspects as pirates. This man is Captain Jean Beaumont. Captain Cordoba and Captain Beaumont enter a duel on board. The Cordoba ship is over taken and the two men end up in the ocean. Captain Cordoba drowns. Maribel is left an orphan and ends up on Jean Beaumont’s ship, which she argues is a Pirate Ship versus a Privateer Ship Beaumont declares.  Beaumont is reluctant in keeping Maribel on this ship, but obliges as she proves to be his best watch out.

However, during one of Maribel’s look outs one night the ship is over taken by the French, as there is a bounty on Captain Beaumont’s head. The ship was not taken at this point however during the attack,  Maribel falls into the ocean. Jean Beaumont being of a kind heart and having a connection to the girl, worries about Maribel and goes back to the area to find her. He sends several of his best men to look for her. Nevertheless, due to going back into enemy waters does not end well for Jean Beaumont. He himself and his ship are taken, as well as his best friend and doctor killed.

Many years go by, 10 to be exact. Jean Beaumont has returned home to New Orleans and life has moved on, but he has not forgotten this beautiful young lady Maribel, who God had embedded in his life.

Maribel has been at a Island for orphans and has grown into a vibrant young woman still reading about pirates. However, her memories are with her and she knows that they were not dreams. One day she receives word that her mother and grandfather are alive and are coming to retrieve her and bring her to New Orleans. Her is estatic! However, will this be the homecoming she is expecting to receive? Will she meet back up with her long lost Captain?

Well… I can’t say anymore because then I will spoil the story.  There’s a lot more that I didn’t explain; therefore, you must grab a copy for yourself at one of these fine retailers.

Amazon:  Paperback $10.54 (or you can get the preview here for FREE)

Walmart: Paperback $11.10

Barnes and Noble: Paperback $11.76

I want to mention that this book was well written. At times it was hard to stay focused, but once you were involved in the characters and enjoyed the story, you did not want to put down the book. I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I did. I want to close thanking Barbour Publishing for the opportunity to review and read this book for my honest opinion. It has been lovely. 🙂

Happy Reading and enjoy! The next book we are going to review is The Heart’s Appeal by Jennifer Delmere. 🙂

Martha’s Flowers by Martha Stewart and Kevin Sharkey

I have been looking over this great book for a couple of weeks. Martha’s Flowers is an amazing and interesting read. It is full of valuable information. I really love the photos and beautiful glimpses of Martha’s property in Katonah, New York.

When I received this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve read Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine and have enjoy the hours I’ve spent reading about her crafting ideas and other household and decorating ideas. I’ve been glimpsed at some of her wedding books, but this book was awesome.

It was organized by several different flower categories- spring, summer, and autumn. The one flower I was interested is more of a shrub. My mom has 3 hydrangeas that don’t seem to bloom so I thought this book might have the answers. Guess what, I found too many answers in this book. I found how what zones hydrangeas like and work best in. I learned that there are like 4 varieties of flowering hydrangeas. Then I learned how to prune, propagate, and  transplant. I learned how to get the hydrangea to have blue flowers (add sulfur or even lime; don’t use pennies). The best decorative information I learned was how to arrange them in a water vase and how to make the blooms last a while. 🙂  Martha adds and entire section of the book for arranging flowers, and you know how neat a Martha Stewart arrangement is! Lastly, I learned that they like all kinds of weather, except hot, because they wilt in the heat.  Just make sure to wrap them in burlap in winter months.

All the information I mentioned was learned in about 10 minutes. So if you know what type of flower and what season you are looking blooms  in, you can quickly look through this book and find the information for all those difficult confusing flowering plants.

So did I find out what was wrong with my mother’s hydrangeas? Well… I’m not totally sure, because I’m not definite on the variety of the plant. I know one hydrangea probably has root rot or something. The other two are huge, but no blooms. Maybe they need some special food to bloom or maybe they are being pruned at the wrong time. It could be multiple things, however, I’ve try a lot of ideas already. I guess I’ll keep trying and now I have this book to refer to. 🙂

This book was awesome and the photos are extraordinary.  I’m happy I was able to review this book today for you. It is the last book I have received from Blogging for Books. That was a great program, and I will greatly miss it. Thank you to Clarkson Potter Publishing as well for the opportunity to receive this great informative read.

Tomorrow we will look at The Pirate’s Bride. I can’t wait to share that with you.

Have a great day!!! 🙂

Book 2 Heart of Alaska Series-Out of the Ashes by Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse

Book 2 Heart of Alaska Series-Out of the Ashes by Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse

Hello, everyone. Here’s the review that has been long over due. 🙂 Today we are going to look at one of the newest books from Tracie Peterson.

First of all, I’m not new to Tracie Peterson. I have read some of her previous works many years before I’ve started this blog. I have enjoyed her writing and this book has not disappointed me and my expectations.

Heart of Alaska Book 2- Out of the Ashes- is a great novel, set in 1925 Curry, Alaska, a compilation from Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse. If you have followed along, you will remember Allan and Cassidy’s budding relationship from the last book. Here we still get to see how Cassidy and Allan are doing with their marriage, but we get to meet three new characters, Jean- Michel Langelier and his sister, Collette, along with Katherine Demarchis.

Cassidy and Allan have been married about 2 years.  Their relationship continues to be a loving one with God the center of their lives. Cassidy is always busy helping Mrs. Johnson in the kitchen. Cassidy has noticed a unusual tiredness and dizzy spells when we see her again. Cassidy soon finds out that she is pregnant with her and Allan’s first child. Both parents are very excited, as well as the tough Mrs. Johnson. Cassidy soon becomes an emotional roller coaster and tries to pray for the Lord to guide her in her tough time.

Jean-Michel Langlier and his sister, Collette, have just lost their father and are both grieving. His father, in his will, suggested that Jean-Michel and Collette go on a trip around the world. Jean- Michel has been battling with, what we would say today Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He cannot escape the haunting recurrent nightmares and doesn’t feel that a trip should happen. As well, his sister Collette is very wayward and he has no idea what his father wanted him to do. All his father said was to seek God, but how can he seek God and guide his sister, when Jean- Michel doesn’t know what to do himself. However, Jean-Michel receives a letter from his former love’s, Katherine Demarchis, grandmother,Mrs. Harrison. In the letter, she expresses her growing  concern for her granddaughter and her abusive marriage (Katherine’s husband has died) and feels that if Katherine would see Jean-Michel, she would open her heart to love again.

Will Jean-Michel and Katherine be able to heal from their wounds?Will all three individuals find their way to God and will they open their hearts to love again? I guess you are going to have to grab a copy for yourself. 🙂

Lastly, I’d like to thank, Bethany House Publishers for giving me a complimentary copy and the chance to read this book for my honest opinion! This book has been awesome and I look forward for the next edition.

Check out your local library or head over to your local retailers.

Here are some locations that might be near you to purchase this book:

Walmart: $10.99 Paperback

Barnes and Noble: $11.09 Paperback; $9.99 Nook

Christianbook: $9.99 Paperback; $9.99 ebook

Amazon: $10.99 Paperback; $8.63 Kindle

Happy Reading and I’ll see you next time with another great book!